Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I love my little boy's laugh. It is one that starts out in the belly and rolls out of his mouth, just bouncing off anyone around. You can't help but laugh too. And this kid laughs all the time. He is such a happy sweet boy. Funny kid! This kid is always getting into everything. He is so curious. After he pulls things apart, he will point, examine and talk in cute little whispers. It is the cutest thing to watch. He is also always trying to climb up anything that will sit still. He is forever lifting up his chubby little leg to try and hook it onto something to give him leverage to hoist him upwards. Lauren was always content to just travle horizontal while Evan is forever going vertical. It is so funny.

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Collings Family said...

Those posts are a hoot! Your kids are so cute and have so much personality - kinda like thier mom!