Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Evan is having a bath. He hated it. He cryed the whold time. My kids hate their baths. Lauren was so concerned for him. She kept trying to comfort him and make sure he had his pacifier. After his bath, he slept very deep. I love to watch him sleep. I love it when they dream and smile in there sleep. It is adorable. He laughs, crys and smiles in his sleep. I am still waiting for his first "awake" smile. It looks like he is trying to when I talk to him.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I love my little babies

Evan is now a month old. It is hard for me to believe that only about 5 weeks ago he was still cooking inside my tummy. He totally belongs in our family and we love having him with us. Lauren is a little mother. Sometimes she wants to help a little to much. She loves to feed him his bottle and runs to get his pacifier when he crys. Evan is a good sleeper, in the day time. I am living off of 2 hours of sleep a night. I am currently 90% caffine. Lauren is in a stage right now where she loves to dress herself. Here is a sample of Ode Cotour by Lauren. She is so cute.

Friday, October 5, 2007

This is a before and an after shot. My hair looks cute and I am ready to go in the before shot. In the after, I look so gross, my hair is all messed up and I am exhusted. But I have a cute little bundle for all my trouble. Isn't he so cute!!!

Evan Douglas Triplett. Born on September 12 2007. He was 7 Ibms 8 Onz. So cute.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We were able to go to Catalina Island. We had so much fun. Chad spent a lot of time in Catlaina growing up, and I had never been. It was fun to see all the places that he would talk about. I am really glad that he got to share the island and all his memories with Lauren and I
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Lauren with Mimi and Pop Pop
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Lauren enjoying Mimi and Pop pop's pool.
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A month before Evan was born, we went to California to visit with Mimi and Pop Pop. This is me
And Lauren at a beach in Malibu. Lauren is such a beach baby, she crys when we have to leave.
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