Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Marathon of Partys

You ever have one of those days where by the time evening comes along, you can't believe what happened in the morning was on the same day? That was my day today. When the alarm went off at 7 this morning, I knew I was in it for the long haul. You see, Lauren had not one, not two, but three partys to go to today. One was for her school, one was for her friend, and one was for her acting class. I was tired thinking about all of her partys before my feet even hit the floor. Lauren, on the other hand, was bright eyed and bushy tailed right when I knocked on her bedroom door to wake her up. Which, if you knew my "I hate mornings" daughter, you would understand the significance of that small modern day miracle. She had her Alice in Wonderland costume all ready to go, and she not once cryed or pouted when I did her hair (miracle #2. One more and I would say that one of us should be inducted into sainthood.)

She was so excited that she could wear a dress up costume to school. I was excited to see her in her school's Halloween parade. Blame it one the pregnancy, but I got a little emotional watching her march in all cute and proud in her Alice dress. I just can't get over how quickly she is growing up! (these pictures are fuzzy. My phone takes great pictures, but if the subject is get fuzz)

I then went to her classroom to get some pictures. I don't have any yet of her in desk, so I wanted I couple. I ended up staying and helping with their class party. It was cute to see all of those little kiddos in their super cute costumes.

They colored pumpkins...

played Halloween Bingo...

made spiders out of Tootsi- pops...

and finally, made ghost wind socks.

We had an hour long intermission, then we walked over to Lauren's friend Hailee's house. (Aimee, if I spelled her name wrong, I'm sorry). Lauren loves Hailee and she was so excited to go. When we got the invitation 3 days ago, Lauren immediately went to her closet and started planing out her outfit and gave me instructions on how she wanted her hair done.

Aimee was really sweet and gave Evan a little gift bag too. When we got home, Lauren and Evan wore the scary looking glasses for a while growling "rrroarrr!!" in an attempt to scare me. It was scary, I was shaking.

After Hailee's party, I had time to put Evan down for a nap and watch half of sense and sensibility (nothing like a little Jane Austin to relax), and wait for Chad to get home from work. I gave my sweet husband a kiss and ran out the door for the third and last time tonight. Lauren's acting class , had a little Halloween party. All the diffent age groups got together. Each of the age groups did a song and dance number and a little skit. Lauren did so good, but more importantly, she had lots of fun.
Let's play "Where's Lauren" instead of "Where's Waldo." Can you see her?

Lauren doing the Bunny Hop to the Ghostbuster's song (..I ain't afraid of no ghosts)

This is a little video of the song and dance number that Lauren's class did. I think she did a pretty good job, considering Lauren had only learned it the week before. Because we were in California, we missed two weeks of her class.

Here is a video of Lauren doing a skit with her class. Again, she just learned the words the week before, considering that, I think she did amazing.

At the end of the party, they got a bag full of candy. (yeah, like she hasn't gotten enough today. I think in one day of partys, she bet her all time trick or treat record. She had quit the haul.) Both Lauren and Evan had nothing but candy to eat. (Don't judge me) There sugar high was substantial. On the bright side, they are starting to come down off their high. The sugar crash is like a little gift to me for all the craziness of today. Awww..I love this side of a sugar high.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Be-witching fun time!!

On Friday, I went down to Gardner Village with my super cute sister in laws for their Witchstock thing that they have every year. It was so much fun. It was so crazy to see all of these people dressed up in different kinds of witches. I love Chad's sisters, they very good to me and super sweet, I love to hang out with them no matter what we end up doing. But I am hoping that this will be a Halloween tradition for years to come.

We started the evening out at Olive Garden. This is Traci and Shari.

Me and Kari. Kari is pregnant too, and our due dates are just two days apart. She is due May 26th and my due date is May 28th. How cool is that. I'm excited.

Do we make some pretty cute witches? I love these girls!

The guys standing behind us were walking around on stilts. So many of the costumes were just so super elaborate, it was fun to see them all.

And these girls were dressed up like the three witches from Hocus Pocus.

It was alot of fun. It was nice to get out and be Melissa and not Mommy for a few hours.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sometimes you have nothing to blog about, and other times your so busy that you don't have time to blog. I did like a blogapaloza day. Starting with Universal Studios and ending with Mr and Mrs Szabo. I hope you enjoy them all. (If you want to read the last post you have to click the "Older Posts" link to see it)

Universal Studios

We were going to go to Disneyland while we were out there, but it was just to expensive. We ended up going to Universal Studios instead, which was great! We had a lot of fun.

While we were in line for the tram ride, a bunch of Japanese tourist kept taking pictures of and with Lauren. They said that she looked like a barbie doll. Lauren was good for awhile, but after 20 min of it, it got overwhelming to her so Chad had to pick her up and hold her. It was cute. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it.

Evan did not like King Kong at all. He hid his little face through the whole thing. And then when we came out, he claped his hands and said "Yeah!! I did it! Now we can get out now!!" It was funny.

Look! I'm on Wisteria Lane! I love Desperate Housewives. It's my favorite show, so that was fun for me.

Ok, This is how Evan works. First time trying something new..he hates it, second time..he thinks 'maybe not so bad' , third time..he had got it and he loves it. These next pictures crack me up because you can totally see that part of Evan's personality play out in picture form.

First time..hates it.

Second time..not so bad.

Third time..loves it!

Water World.

We got Lauren's face painted and I think she looks super cute. She kept asking if her make up was still on the rest of the day.
And here is a video of Lauren talking to Donkey.

Frys and the TO mall..

We always go to Frys when we go to Simi. Fry's is a mega electronics store. Chad loves it. And the kids like to because it is all done up in Alice in Wonderland with big foam statues everywhere.

This cracks me up everytime we go there. They have this sign on all the bathroom stale doors. Who knew that there were so many rules to use a public restroom.
And we always go to both the Topanga Mall and the T.O Mall.

This time, we even made it out to the new Simi Vally out door mall! It is no Disneyland or Sea World, but California is home to us, so we like to go to these places.