Thursday, October 14, 2010


I just can't go to California without going to In-N-Out. They have got to have the world's best hamburgers! I love them. When I use to live there, before I met Chad, I would go all the time. They close at like 1 AM, and it is always packed, even that late at night. On Sundays, me and my friends would wait until the clock said 12:01 A.M and then we would pack ourselves into the car and make an In-N-Out run. (we technically waited until it was Monday). So it is so fun for me to take my kids there because it is something of California that I love.

My In-N-Out feast! I dare your mouth not to water!

Evan's first chomp into the deliciousness that is a Cheeseburger done right. Lauren won't eat hamburger meant anymore now that she knows where the meat comes from. So she just enjoyed there equally delicious french fries.

Love it!! If you are ever in California, you should try and make a trip there. Cheeseburgers will never be the same after that.

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Anonymous said...

Hey did you know they have In-n-Out's out here in SLC and even one in Centerville? I tried to have it yesterday, but the whole pregnancy thing wouldn't let me enjoy it.