Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Morning Walk

Mornings are crazy with little ones in the house. It's an up at 6, running around getting breakfast, finding homework backpacks and shoes. It's a "your going to be late" "don't forget your lunch" kind of rush that starts over every day. Once Lauren is off to school, then it's a empty the dishwasher, re-load the laundry, feed Reece breakfast, "don't touch that", "don't throw food", "be soft with the animals", kind of day. With the hussle and bussle of just taking care of kids, we (or, maybe just I) get overwhelmed with the doing of parenting and not so much of the feeling of it. I worry so much about being a good mom and making sure all of the functions of motherhood are done properly, then sometimes I forget to look at these little people and just love the moment. I feel bad that I am not doing crafts with the kids everyday, or I am not going on some new adventure with them. I want to build memories and I worry that I am not. But it's not the going and the doing that the kids really want. It's time. Your time. It's when I turn off the T.V when Lauren starts talking about her day. Or when I walk away from the computer when Evan asks me to read to him. It's taking the time in the middle of vaccuming the house to hold Reece on my lap and singing "The Ittsy Bittys Spider." It's looking at my kids in the eyes when they are talking to me, and letting them control the flow of the conversation.
Evan wanted to go on a walk today. I didn't, I'm not going to lie about that one. I was tired and a little cranky. A good book while the kids watched the Disney Channel sounded so much better to me then pushing a double stroller around the neighborhood. But, boy did Buddy want to go. So I did, and I am glad I did. Reece was so enthusiastic about the smallest things, a bird, a bug, a plane flying over head, a little paper wind mill in someones yard. And Evan was so cute, ever encouraging his baby brother's delights.
That was enough to turn around my mood, but then a sweet little old lady was also on a walk. She had a name tag from the Legacy house in Ogden that identified her as Audry. She stopped to talk to the boys a minute. She pointed out their beautiful blue eyes and their sweet smiles. She got all emotional and told me to please take time to appreciate the little things because before long the kids will be grown. I don't know who she was, I have never met her before, but I couldn't stop thinking about her words. When we got home, Evan Reece and I played with cars and wrestled on the ground. I guess I just wanted to pass on Audry's advice. If you find yourself too busy making dinner or cleaning the house, if you're to wrapped up in the mechanics of motherhood, just stop and enjoy your little ones. For far to soon, your little ones will be to big to sit on the floor with you and play cars.
So, thanks Audry, where ever you are. I listened.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go

My Grandma B is living at Legacy right near the Jordan River Temple. I love my Grandma. She has always been there for me. There isn't a memory of my childhood that doesn't involve this strong classy lady. She is full of life, opinions, and love. She will tell you like it is while she is throwing her arms around you. I am pretty sure that she invented the phrase "A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down" and Disney just borrowed it from her. Because that is what she is, a spoon full of sugar and a little bit of medicine to go along with it. I spent so many weekends in her little back bedroom at the end of the hall. I watched many episodes of Star Trek on my Grandpa's lap while Grandma was making dinner in the kitchen. I learned how to play solitar on her formica kitchen table. She played "house" and "school" with me. Many masterpieces by Melissa were created on her couch upholstered in big brown flowers. She has always been a lighthouse to me. I can't imagine a day when she won't be there shining her light for me. And I feel so lucky that she has been able to meet my three kids.
Reece was all huggy today. He kept garbing Evan and wrapping his little baby arms around him. And because he is an equal opportunity hugger, Lauren also go some too.
Here some picture from an earlier visit. We try and visit her once a month. I wish we could do more.
She has decided that she likes Chad. She has heard some bad things about him because my mom is her daughter. She believes that Chad has sure changed over the 9 years that we have been married. No amount of me trying to convince her that he is the same Chad that I married will make her budge on that fact. But I give it to her. I figure it is the only way that she can believe in her daughter (my mom) and still think that Chad is a great guy. I'm good with that. I just love that she loves Chad now.
It was a long day for my Reece's Pieces. I had to get this shot of him. I love sleeping baby pictures. I feel lucky to still have my G-Ma around. She is like a Timex watch...she is strong and dependable. I hope some of that strength also runs through my blood.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Evan's the big 0-5!!

Evan turned the epic age of 5 today. Not gonna lie, sometimes I wondered if he would make it. This kid has a talent for tripping, dropping, or exploring into anything remotely dangerous. He has defiantly kept me on my toes. For instance, when about 6 months ago, he wanted to test the electricity in our socket in the upstairs bathroom...with a pair of tweezers!!!
I have utter the phrase with eyes facing Heaven and hands shaking in totally surender "I am never going to have anything nice!! EVER!!"...possibly three times a day thanks to my little tornado. But given all of the spilled drinks and broken glass that are in his wake, he has the biggest heart of any kid I have ever met. He is a lover of nature and anyone who resides in the animal kingdom.
He has an amazing belly laugh and smiling Irish eyes. You can't listen to the glint of his laughter and ignore it. It begs to be laughed with, no matter the joke. He is full of love and laughter. He has such a tender soul and a giving heart. I have never had to teach him to share. He was born just knowing how. He is the first to cuddle with you if your crying and if he found out that he hurt your feelings, he crys right along with you. He is very generous with his possessions and his love. He is a giver in the truest form of the word. And our house is a better place because his voice is part of it's soundtrack.
We went to Applebee's, just like we do every year, to celebrate. I just love him!!
Some of Evan's Favorite things at the age of 5 are: I Pads, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, Cereal, Green Ice Cream, Parks, Buzz Lightyear, The Beach, The Mountains, Cows and Dogs Cats, Bunnies, Even Lions, Comic Books, Vampire Diarys, The Bouncy House, and Laughing.
Some of Evan's Dislikes at the age of 5: I only don't like one thing, I don't like hot stuff. Oh yeah, and mean people, you know, like Bad guys.
Man I sure do love this kid. I don't need nice things when I got such a nice kid. Happy Birthday Bud!
And this picture has nothing to do with Evan's birthday except that it was taken at Applebee's on his birthday. I was trying to get a picture of me and Reece when Reece saw himself in the camera. I just love his reaction to him. He is the funniest baby that he knows. I love my life, seriously could it get any better?

Friday, September 7, 2012

My new Goal...More blogging!!

I just realized that it has been 7 months...SEVEN...since I last blogged. There is good reason for the lapse. A lot was going on. I was working and adjusting to a new little guy in our house, and the real reason...I just got a little lazy. But the other night, Lauren pulled out our blog book that I made a couple years ago. Our one and only blog book. I was looking at the pictures and pages and reading all of my mommy mussings and it made me think. There is no record for our family for these past months, and only sporadic record keeping for the past couple of years. I miss my kids being so young and they grow so fast. It's like I blink and Lauren is all ready to cool for me and Evan has learned how to talk back. Reece is growing like a weed and he is into everything.
My life is chaotic and so full of life and every turn, but one day these little midgets will be grown and gone and hopefully trying to rein in the chaos at their own homes with their own nuggets running the show. So while I have these wonderful years with my little ones, I think it is important to make sure all of there comings and goings, their triumphs and defeats, there goodness and their curiosity should be recorded. So, having said that, I am setting a new goal. I am going to blog at least once a week. I need to capture these amazing days so I can keep them close to my heart and never forget. Sometimes, between the dirty diapers and the screaming kids, I forget how precious these days are. But every now and then, I get a messy sticky kiss on the cheek, or a fist full of dandelions to remind me just how amazing these little people are and how privileged I am to be their mommy.