Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the leafy Tree tops

If you are wondering what our kids have been doing all summer long, you need not look any further then the North/East corner of our back yard. When we first moved into our house, it was just the two of us, no kids. But one of the reasons we loved the house so much is that we could totally picture raising a family inside of these walls. One of the very first things Chad wanted to do was build a tree house in one of the big trees that we have. Eight years and three kids later, he did it. And the kids love it. They spend as much time as they can up in that tree house. I have urgent care on speed dial, I am just waiting for one of both of them to come tumbling out and breaking their arms. But over protective mother's fears aside, it has been such a fun thing for them to have this summer.

Who knows, I might be writing a blog soon about the inept custmer service skills held by the urgent care workers while taking my kid in to get a cast put on. Or not. But either way, Lauren and Evan have their head in the clouds this summer, courtesy of a home made tree house.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grandpa Sphar's Barn

Chad moved into his Grandpa's house when he was just a baby. He grew up on his Grandpa's farm. When he was in high school, he moved back into his Grandpa's house and lived there while he went to school. He has very fond memories of that place. Chad and I were married for a little over 6 months when his Grandpa died of bone cancer and the family had to sell his Grandpa's house and land. Every now and then, we would drive by that house just to see it. Chad loved that house.

Last week we were just relaxing in front of the TV when we got a phone call from Chad's brother Ryan. He asked Chad to guess where he was sitting. It turns out that Ryan was sitting on a swing hanging from the rafters of Grandpa Sphar's barn. The house is for sell and it is empty. Ryan and Chad's mom were driving by and when they saw the house was empty, they decided to take a walk around the property and go see the barn. So we packed up the kids and drove on over to see it too. Chad and Ryan had to spend an hour walking around. Almost every thought was prefaced with "Remember when..."

The next day, we went back there and took some pictures of that old barn, the house, and all those memories. If we had the money, we would buy that place that was so filled with good times and evoked such a feeling of peace for Chad and all his brothers and sisters.

Here is Lauren and Evan sitting on that swing hanging in the barn. Chad swung on that swing when he was a little boy.

Giggling inside the barn.

All three of my little gifts. Poor Reece looks so uncomfortable...but he survived.

I still am amazed that I have THREE little ones. I still feel like I am 21, and you shouldn't have a 6 year old when your just 21. I am still just figuring out this whole mommy gig. The game keeps changing on me.

I love my cute family. They are my greatest accomplishment and my biggest joy.

Me and Reece's Pieces. He is such a sweet sweet baby. He completely belongs in our family.

Lauren hanging out on a fence post. There are moments in the day where I look at her and think she is just so pretty. I am sure all moms feel that way about their babies. But Lauren's real beauty comes from with in. She has an amazingly big and thoughtful heart. I would like to take credit for it, but she just came to us that way. It is really us who are the lucky ones to be able to parent such sweet kids.

Me and the boys. I love their tender hearts. Who knew boys would be so soft and sensitive. They are so cuddly and lovable. I really treasure my little guys.

I love my family. We are standing in front of the back door to the barn.

Evan is standing in front of a tree that Chad's Grandpa planted when he first moved into the house. The same Grandpa that we named Evan after. And just like that tree, the generations that started with Grandpa Sphar has grown big healthy and strong.

It was fun to go back to a place that means so much to Chad. I am so glad that we got the opportunity to take some pictures and walk around. We might not ever get the chance again.