Friday, April 30, 2010

Backyard Drama

If you have been on facebook in the last couple of days, then you have already seen this. But because I have no life lately and therefore am at a loss as to what to blog about-I am blogging about it too. We have some lovely neighbors. These lovely neighbors of ours are at it again. Apperently, when they decided to buy a house in a neighborhood, they failed to realized that in suburbia, there are many dogs and children who love to play outdoors when the weather is nice. Chad was outside in our backyard when he noticed this little kind sign from our sweet next door neighbors. It was at the top of our hill, nailed to a tree, high above the fence, facing our yard. They must think highly of us to go to so much trouble in sending us a message.

I don't know weather to laugh at the absurdity of the effort that they took in finding the wood and spray paint, painting the sign, getting a step ladder and nailing it to the top of a tree, or to be flattered that I have so much influence in their lives. And before you ask, no..they do not have any children. So I can only assume that along with their childish behavior, they also need naps like children. My only advice to them is to either get a sound machine (like we have for our children's naps) or move to a city where no child is allowed to enter..or dogs for that matter. Needless to say, I have not stopped my super cute, and noisy kids from enjoying our backyard.

Sooo...I was thinking, just as soon as Chad gets the branches cleaned up and hauled away..I am planing on having lots of giggly little kids over to jump around in our bouncy house. I haven't yet picked a day, but I know the time...between 2 and 5.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham

One thing that I remember fondly from my childhood is my mom making us green eggs and ham for breakfast. Both Lauren and Evan are not egg eaters, so I thought I would give it a try to see if having green colored eggs would entice them to just try them. They were so excited this morning to be making them. It was way cute.

I think that they turned out real good. They had lots of fun making them, but alas..even eggs the color of slim couldn't make my kids try them. They liked the ham and toast though. It was worth a try.

I was a bad bad mom this year and I totally forgot about Easter. Well, I didn't FORGET, it just snuck up on me. Lauren came bounding down the stairs on Easter excited and so ready for her Easter basket. And then there is me, feeling like the worst kind of mother to let Easter come upon me without so much as a single peep buried in neon green plastic grass. How could I do such a thing. In my defence, I am working 5 days in a row, with a double on Saturdays. But still, I felt like a heel! You know those old Looney Tune cartoons where someone holds up a picture of a donkey, then a heel, and maybe even a screw ball? That was me Easter morning. She has yet to get an Easter basket. I need to get on that one because she asks for one every day. But I did manage to dye eggs with her on my first day off after Easter.

I feel so bad sometimes lately. I crazy miss my kids so much and feel like I just don't have enough time with them. And when I do have days off, I am so tired that I just don't feel like a present good mom. I want to take advantage of this summer, Lauren's last before she enters school. But I really am so tired all the time. I miss seeing my friends and getting to go places. I miss seeing Chad because right when he comes home from work, I have to go. And I get home so late at night. But, on the up side, we have half out debt paid off already. I am hoping by years end, we will be debt free and I can go back to being a mom. This work experence has taught me that there is no other place I would rather be then home with my family. Next time I decided to spend my time away from my family, I want it to be because I am going to school to get a degree. I never want to forget an other Easter again. Or anything else that my little girl finds important.