Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Honoring our Heros

Very rarely do you get a chance to shake the hand of real true hero. I don't mean Karl Malone, or Hiro Nakamora, but a real one. One that looked across a snowy field and stared down an enemy of freedom. One who sat in a fox whole one day with there buddy and watched that same buddy die the next day. I am talking about a hero that still salutes the flag everytime they see it flying because they understand its cost. Every red stripe is soaked with the blood of men and women who died to keep this nation free. After all, freedom is not free. And it's price is high. It is in the tears of a mother, the prayers of a lover, and in the years a child grows without the guidence of a father. And one day, in a blink of an eye, the boy who fought on the beaches of Normandy wakes up and is an old man. An old man whose white hair is covered in a 'World War 2 Vet' hat and has found himself sitting across from his son-in-law at a cafe in Simi Valley. The same cafe that my family and I ate at just yesterday. My father in law leaned over and express his wish to go up and shake that mans hand and offer to pay for his breakfast. But how do you do that. Fear of possibly offending the man held my father in law back. Besides does breakfast really make up for all that he did for us? My mom in law suggested telling the waitress and making it ananonymous gesture. That could have been the end of it, but the man figured out who we were. It couldn't have been the fact that all eyes on our table were trained on him as the waitress told him the news. It must have been something ealse that tiped him off. But figure it out he did. He came to talk to us, to thank us. He called us the angels. Does he realize what he did for our country? Does he know that we would be speaking German if it wern't for him and countless other men like him? Does he know that I still cry when I hear the national antheum, and I am so greateful that it is the Star Spangled Banner I hear? I love this county and I love all that the flag stands for. I hope an pray that all that I love in this country will live on. And I hope that those that serve our country today will live to be old men and women who may one day sit in a cafe with a vetrens hat upon there head. I hope that people will still love our country whole heartedly that they too will feel compelled to buy those old men and women who sacrificed so much, there breakfast. It is the least we could have done for a man who gave us so much.
Now here are some pictures of what we did the rest of the day, after breakfast. These are pictures of Lauren and Evan playing at Pop Pop and Mimi's shop.

After we left the shop, we went to Third Street. Chad and I went there alot when we were dating.

Later on that night, Lauren made a Ginger bread house with Mimi. She was so proud of it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Love the Beach!!

After driving for 11 hours in a car with two little ones, we finally made it to California. I love rolling down my window around Pasadena area. That is when I can smell the air. Califonia (the real California, not Barstow) has a smell that I love. It is the smell of Orange blossoms and the ocean. I don't ever fill like we are in California untill I smell that smell. Understandably, we went straight to bed that first night. In the morning a little sweet princess climbed into our bed. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning After we woke up and went to breakfast with Mimi and Pop Pop, we drove to Pointe Dume. I love that beach. It is my favorite. Evan didn't want to sit down. He didn't really like the sand.

Once he finally did sit down, he tryed not to let the sand touch his feet. Funny boy. So cute. Chad decided to bury Lauren and Evan in the sand. They liked it. They thought that it was fun.

The kids loved the water. We played there longer then we realized. The sun, sand and sea! Is there a better way to spend the afternoon together?

It's funny, the beach is at the end of the world. There is no where ealse to go. You are traped on the sand. So then why do I feel so free when I look out on the ocean.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

California here I come...

I am off to the great sunny state of California for a couple of weeks so I am taking a blogging vacation as well. I want to try and find some time to blog while I am out there, but I don't know if there will be wireless avalible while I am there. I am so excited!!! I love California. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


#3 When and where was your first kiss?

Before I start, I just have to defend myself. From the time we went on the double date, to the time that we actually went on an offical date, it was like two weeks. And a lot happened inbetween. ie Dodger game. And I didn't write about all the times we hung out with our two groups of friends. Sooo, having said that, our first kiss was on our..um..first date. Ok, ok, I know what your thinking, and I am not that kind of girl. There was something diffrent with Chad from the very begining. It was so speacial to me that I didn't really talk about it to my friends or even my family. I usually would go out with a guy and imediatly spill the beans about every moment of the date to my friends. But with Chad, it was so personal. I wanted to keep him to myself as long as possible. And it was a good kiss. We went on a walk around his neighborhood after our date. We held hands and talked about everything from Garbage Pail kids to our goals and aspirations. We just held hands and floated along somewhere between the concrete and the stars. I don't know who started leaning towards who first, I think if was more like a gravitational pull. but before I knew it, his warm lips touched mine. It was such a sweet kiss too. It was soft and tender, a barley there type of kiss. Almost like the flutter of butterfly wings that were also taking flight in my stomache. It stands out in my memories as the best kiss ever. And it goes to show you that sometimes sweet and innocent make for better kisses then wet messy and sloopy.
#4 How long did you date?

We dated for 5 1/2 months. We spent everyday together. We called each other on the phone all the time. I think my friends might have put up "Have you seen this girl" fliers all around Simi Valley since I never saw them. We would just drive to the beach, or drive to Santa Barbra and back. One time we drove all the way to Long Beach!! All our dating consisted of driving and talking. I said "Me too!!" so much. We thought the same way, and had the same ideas on things, and had the same goals in life. I felt like I was home when I drove around So. California with him.

I love him very much. I do look at other couples and think that they can't possibly be as much in love with each other as Chad and I. I am greatful beyond words for him in my life. We are not rich, important, or influencial at all. But we are safe with each other, desperatly in love, and falling in love all over again each passing day. I dreamed hoped and prayed for someone to love me the way that Chad does. I wanted a best friend as well as someone who makes me feel like a teenager in love every time they looked at me. I knew he was "the one" for me that night at the Dodger game. He is my north star.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First comes love..

Question #2. Who asked who on a date first and where did you go?

(This is a picture of Chad at a sleep clinic with all the little electrodes hooked up to him. We were goofing off taking a bunch of pictures. It just makes me laugh.)
After the double-swing-dancing-date, where we were with other people, but eying each other, Chad went to Catalina with his family and I went to St.George with my family. Before he went, I wanted to make sure he knew that I kind of liked him and I wanted him to be thinking of me. But I wanted to make it all cool and breezy. You know like it is no big deal really. So the next day at work, I called my friend Greg for advice. I was all like "So if you liked a girl, not that Chad likes me, but lets pretend that he does. Would you like it if a girl called you on the phone the next day? Or is that to soon? Should I play hard to get and all mysterious?" Greg told me he would love it if a girl he liked called him the next day, and boys don't really like girls that are playing hard to get. So I practiced what I was going to say to Chad on Greg. We did role playing. Greg did a nice Chad, he could win an oscar with his preformance. So then I got up the courage and called Chad. He wasn't home, but I left a message. Believe it or not, we still have that message. Chad recorded it and saved it. I just told him to have fun in Catalilna and maybe when he comes home we could hang out-or not. I mean we don't have to, if he didn't want to, but I thought it would be fun.
This picture is kind of dark, but this is Chad with his family in Catalina. He also went with his sister Kari, who just came home from her mission in Missouri and his other sister Traci. When they came back from Catalina, Chad called me to ask if I was going to the Dodger game and if he could ride down with me. I said of course I was and I would love to drive with him. Then I hung up the phone and furiously tried to call everyone I knew to see if it was to late to get tickets. I wasn't going to go untill Chad mentioned it. It turned out that there were tickets left and some guy was going to bring me some before we left the church parking lot that night. So as Chad and I sat in the parking lot waiting for my tickets to arrive, we brought up maybe doing something together. It was all casual. No one said, hey you wanna go on a date with me? It was like, we could hang out if you want. It was while we were waiting for the tickets that Chad told me that he didn't want to be my friend. He didn't want to get stuck in the "friend zone". He said, "so if we hang out, I want you to know that it is not as friends, because I like you". Hello butterflies!! I smiled so big. I don't think I said anything back. I just blushed, smiled and looked down at my feet. And then you know what happened at the Dodger game. (see previous post)

For our first date, the next day, we went to see a movie. And because his sister Kari was there to visit Chad, she came along. I didn't mind. It actually made me like him more because he didn't want her to be left alone. It was sweet. I couldn't tell you to this day what Master of Disguise is about. I was totally preoccupied with what to do with my hands. I want to make them very avalible for Chad to grab just in case he felt like holding my hand. On top of that I was hyper- aware of Chad sitting right beside me. Everytime he scratched his head or shifted in his seat or laughed, I was completly aware of that wondering if he was just as aware as me. Half way through the movie, I went to the restroom. When I came back, I placed my hand right on the hand rest inbetween the two of us. And yes, he grabed it then and held my hand the rest of the movie!! Ahhhh!! So, of course, after that all I could think of was "oh my gosh, he is holding my hand!!" After the date I asked him when I could see him again (see I really didn't play hard to get at all). He said "Normally I would call you in a couple of days and ask you on an other date, but I want to see you again soon." So I said "How 'bout tomarow?" Totally not at all hard to get. But he liked it.
This is his sister Kari. She played an important role in the begining of our relationship. I told her at church that I liked Chad. See I knew she would end up telling him, and if he didn't like me back then he would avoid me like the plage. But if he liked me too, then it would take all the pressure off because he already knew that I liked him. Thanks Kari. I was to much of a chicken to tell him myself. That was our first real date. Full of butterflies and uncertinty. Lots of smiles and blushes. It was a good day. One for the books!
Me and Chad at my sister's wedding. (I was a bridesmade. I wouldn't normally wear my hair like that and a dress like that just for the fun of it).

This is us goofing off on a plane on the way to a convention. I have more fun with him then anyone!! Tune in tommrow to learn all about our first kiss.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I love my Chad!

Michelle did this blog entry with Justin. I thought it was a cute one so I decided to do it. But I am going to do a progressive posting of it. I am going to answer one question about Chad and I a day. And that way I can get really detailed and sappy without being to long. I love him so much that I could possibly go on for a long time!
Question #1: How did you meet?

Chad and I met in California. I will always love the fact that we met and fell in love there. The scent of Orange blossoms and the cool smell of the ocean always brings me back to the time when we found each other. At the time that I met Chad, I was totally done with dating. I had a bad experience with a guy just before that. I was in the Westlake ward, but a lot of my friends were in the T.O ward (Thousand Oaks for all my non-Callie readers). I had been going to the Westlake ward one week and then the T.O ward the next, switching back and forth. But after the bad thing with the crazy guy, I wanted to get away for a while, so I started going to the T.O ward every week except the week that I taught in Relief Society. Chad went to the T.O ward. We also went to the Moorpark institute together, but we never ran into each other!!
Well just one week after I started going to the other ward, I was at institute trying desperately to convince my friend to dye my hair. I was over being a red head and wanted to try my hand at being a brunette. She didn't want to do it because she thought my red hair was to pretty. She turned to this really hot looking young guy and said "Chad don't you think Melissa's hair is way to pretty to dye it?" And that was it, so thank you Jules for helping us notice each other. We talked then, but nothing really happened. I thought he was pre-mission, he looks so young. I walked away thinking "He is way cute, too bad he is too young for me." He wouldn't tell me his age, which only added to my thinking that he was too young! Little did I know, he was actually 6 years older then me!
We flirted after that for a couple of weeks. And then his friend asked me on a date, and we doubled with Chad and an other girl. We went to Chad's house and did some swing dancing. Chad and I kept ending up sitting by each other or standing soo close, closer then the normal personal space would allow! Poor Dave!! (But he is married now to a sweet girl and they have a couple of kids so don't feel too bad for him). But we really didn't know how the other felt. We were in the whole kindergarten-flirty-I-like-him-does-he-like-me stage.

The clincher was when the T.O ward went to the Dogger game together. Chad and I rode down together along with his sister Kari, and my friends Greg and Jaela. We took a walk around the stadium and talked from the second inning all the way to the sixth!! I couldn't stop smiling!! It was at the Dodger game that Chad told me he thought I was Beautiful! And the way he said it was so cute. He was stumbling over his words and nervous. It was so sweet and genuine. I had had my fill of players, so it was so refreshing. And that was it. From that day on, we spent all our free time together. We were (and still are) inseparable.

Chad and his friend from the T.O ward, Ben.

My friend Jaela, Me with my super red haid that Jules wouldn't dye (again thank you so so much Jules!) Chad, and my good friend Greg. Jae, Greg and I are still friends. They are some of the best friends I have ever had in my whole life!

Me and Jae (again my super red hair!) The Dodger shirt I am wearing is actually the shirt I bought the night Chad told me he thought I was beautiful. I still have it. On of these days I want to get it framed. I am sentimental that way.

The whole reason I was even living in California was because I was a nanny for a family in Malibu. This is me with Haylee and R.J. I am lucky that I still get to see them. I was there for almost two years! They taught me how to be a good mom. I love these kids so much. And I love there parents too. They are my family out in California.

So that is how we meet. Tune in tommarow to see who asked who on a date first and what we did.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


In our Sunbeams class today, we were coloring. Always a hit with 3-4 year olds. Lauren bumped the crayon bucket, and here is the conversation the followed.
LAUREN: Opps, that was just an accident. It's ok, cuz it's just an accident.

ME: Yep, Your all right. It's no big deal.

HAILEE: When I have to go pee and I pee on the bathroom floor cuz I am not fast enough, my mom says it's ok cuz it's an accident. I am not fast sometimes.

ME: Sometimes that happens.

LILY: We are not suppose to say poop.

ME: We're not?

LILY: NO, because we're not suppose to say poop.

LAUREN: My dog pooped in the house and she isn't suppose to. And on time she peed on my bed.

HAILEE: Maybe she couldn't go fast enough, and it was just an accident.

All this because Lauren spilled the crayons. So what did your kids learn in Church today?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Girls Night

Ok, I know that everyone has blogs, so everyone is going to see these pictures about 20 times, but I am putting them up anyway. I love girls night. I feel very blessed to have the friends that I do have. I miss the good ol' university 2nd ward. It was the ward that Chad had his heart opperation. It was where Lauren was blessed and where Evan was blessed also. We started out as two people and then we became a family in that ward. I have made some really good friends there and I am very glad that I am able to still see them once a month (sometimes more). I am a very private person, I don't think these amazing women even know all the times that their smiles and sincer inquireies into my life have always uplifted me. We had so much fun. I loved looking at everyones little newborn babies, oh so cute!! We went to Red Robin's this month. It was good eats and good company.
Lauren and Aiden Mead were having there own little private date while we were there. I feel so bad for the bussers! They made such a mess with the sugar. But they were so cute!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Everytime it rains, Chad puts blankets on the deck and we cuddle into them and watch the rain. It is a little ritual that Lauren had embraced and loved. So when it was raining early in the morning on monday, Lauren ran down the stairs after she woke up full of excitment. "Mommy, I need a jacket, some socks and lots and lots of blankets." It was way to cold for me, but she was happy as can be watching the rain fall.

Last night, Lauren started laughing so hard. "Loot mommy, I have Gwampa pants!" And she totally did. It was so funny to me. Who needs T.V when you have free entertainment in your kids?

Someone at the duck pond once told me that Lauren looks like little Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. In these pictures, I can totally see it.


I love my little boy's laugh. It is one that starts out in the belly and rolls out of his mouth, just bouncing off anyone around. You can't help but laugh too. And this kid laughs all the time. He is such a happy sweet boy. Funny kid! This kid is always getting into everything. He is so curious. After he pulls things apart, he will point, examine and talk in cute little whispers. It is the cutest thing to watch. He is also always trying to climb up anything that will sit still. He is forever lifting up his chubby little leg to try and hook it onto something to give him leverage to hoist him upwards. Lauren was always content to just travle horizontal while Evan is forever going vertical. It is so funny.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ABC tag.

A. Attached or Single? Attached to Chad. I swear he still makes me giddy too!
B. Best Friend? Chad, of course.
C. Cake or Pie? I am an equal oppertunity Calorie intaker. I love all the bad sweet stuff.
D. Day of Choice? Anyday on the weekend. Anyday that Chad doesn't have to go to work.
E. Essential Items? I always wear a hoodie, everyday. I love my hoodies.
F. First Kiss? Chad and I went on a walk and he kissed me! I don't know who started it, but it doesn't matter. It was one of those super soft barley there kisses. Yummy!
G. Good Time? Anytime I can spend with my family. I love watching my kids play together. I think we have the cutest family! I am so greatful that I have the husband I have and the little ones that I get to raise.
H. Hometown? Morgan, Ut
I. Indulgence? Anything Chocolate. And if you can add peanut butter to it too, all the better.
J. January or July? Neither, I am more of a spring, fall kind of girl. Not so much a summer whinter one.
K. Kids? Lauren, who is 3 (4 in december, yikes!) and Evan who just turned 1
L. Life isn't complete without? My family. Because of extenuating circumstances, I have learned that family isn't always the one you are born into, but the one you create. I love the family that I have created and my strong network of friends. I need you guys!
M. Marriage Date? January 31st 2003, the best day of my life!
N. Number of Brothers & Sisters? Tricky question. Quick answer is 1 brother, 2 sisers. But then I have Chad's family and they are too close to me to just call them in-laws. They have totally made me feel loved and surrounded by family all the time.
O. Outside or Inside? Both. In the whinter, I totally hibernate. And in the summer, I am always running around.
P. Phobia or Fears? Spiders, and loosing any member of my family. And Lauren growing up to not want a relationship with me (thats a big one)
Q. Quote? “Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels." -The First Presidency
R. Reason to Smile? Lauren and Evan, and they do! They make me smile and laugh everyday! I love my little babies.
S. Season of Choice? I love Spring! Everything is new and fresh. I love it.
T. Tag 3 people? Molly Collings, Nikki Pollard, and hummmm, Keri Mead
U. Unknown Fact about Me? In reality, I really want six kids. But when my kids are under a year old, I will always say that I am so done having kids. I am totally thinking that I want an other little one soon. (Chad, are you reading this? wink, wink)
V. Vegetable? Squash and zuccini, all stemed up together. Yummy!
W. Worst Habit? I honestly think I am too hard on myself. I am learning to not be so critical of me. Chad is helping me. He truely builds me up. Spencer W. Kimball once said that a joke at someone ealses expence is never funny. I am just now starting to learn that that includes me. Thanks Chad! I love you so much.
X. X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound!!
Y. Your Favorite Food? Avocado on toast with a little salt. Mmmmm!! I am completly going to agree with you on this one Brandi. And you are the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of Avocado on toast for which I will forever be greatful!!
Z. Zodiac Sign? Virgo\Libra. Depends on which star chart you look at. I was born right on the cut off day. So I guess I am a Zodiac Mute!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

Halloween was so much fun this year. We went to my Dad's house and went trick or treating in his neighborhood. Lauren and Evan were so cute. They make all of the holidays so much fun. Having kids has added a new element to everything. Lauren was originally going to be tinkerbell. We even had a cute little tinkerbell dress for her. But that morning she decided that she wanted to be sleeping bueaty instead. It's a good thing that we have all the disney princess' dresses already. Evan went as a UPS man. I saw the costume and had to get it. My dad is a UPS driver. Every time anyone asked Lauren what Evan was going to be for Halloween she would say, "He is going to be Grandpa."
Here we all are just before heading out to go trick or treating.

Evan and his Grandpa. Don't they make cute UPS men?

Lauren and my Dad. She loves her Grandpa. He is such a good one too. When he lived with us, Lauren would go into his room at 6:00 every night and they would watch a Disney show together. She still asks me when is Grandpa coming home.

Lauren at the first house getting her candy.

Here is my attempt at taking a picture of Chad and I. Dosn't Chad look so cute?

This is Chad's attempt at taking a picture. Ok, I admit it, he is much better then I am.

After we were done getting candy, we went back to my Dad's house and had dinner and watched James Bond. Rita made some yummy soup and bread bowls. It was a fun night. I think that we just started a new tradion. Thanks Dad and Rita! We love you guys!