Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chad's Close Call

The day after Evan's blessing, we found ourselves temporary residences of the Ogden Reigonal Medical Center. Chad woke up sunday night throwing up. We thought at first that maybe it was food poisoning. After a sleepless night, he still got himself up to go to work. After he came home, he couldn't stand up straight and he was so weak. He was so very pale. His lips were completly void of color.
We were thinking that Chad was dehydrated so we called his mom to watch the kids, then we went to the ER. Turns out that when you throw up purple liquid, that means you have blood in your stomache. Chad had a bleeding ulcer. Half the blood in his body was now in his stomache. Matters were made worse by the fact that Chad takes a blood thiner because of his metal heart valve. They admitted him into the ICU right away.

He spent four days in the hospital. We just got home tonight. I love looking over and seeing Chad in the living room. He is home where he is suppose to be. Things change so quickly. Life really does turn on a dime. Hold on to the ones you love. Don't wait for something bad to happen to remind you how much you love each other. Love them feircly every day.

Evan's Blessing

Traci holding Carter, Lauren and Grandma Nancy holding our little Evan, the man of the hour. He was blessed on December 8 2007. It was so good to see everyone come out and support us.
Arn't we the cutest couple that you have ever seen in your whole life!?! Chad is my best friend and the love of my life all wraped up into one sexy package. And I feel so lucky that I married someone who could give my kids a blessing. I love my family so much.
From the top right is Auntie Kari, Auntie Traci, Daddy and Uncle Kevin. Then there is Lauren and her cousin Carter.

Lauren's Auntie Kari reading a story to Lauren trying desperatly to stay awake.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

My dream home

Sometimes I get a little discouraged when I think of the long years ahead before Chad will graduate. He has the whole weight of our little world that he carrys around on his sholders. He loves me enough to let me stay at home and be a mom. I don't mind all the little things that we can't afford. You can get holister shirts and Lucky jeans at savers, and no one knows where you got it from. Just that it looks good on you. When I feel like I am going to cry because of all that I do without, I close my eyes and pretend that we have it all. And I see my dream house. A modern home on the beaches of Malibu. Then my little boy wakes from his nap and crys adding to the noise of his sister running around the house singing "pop corn popping". I see chad on his computer and I watch as Lauren crawls up on his lap to watch you tube with her daddy. She is such a daddys little girl. My little boy has stoped crying and he is looking up at me smiling. His smile lights up his eyes. When I take the time to look around me, I realize that I do have it all. I am already living in my dream home. Sure, it never gets warm enough in the winter and our home is always under constant renovations, but what is a dream home without the laughter of all your loved ones to fill up the rooms with love. Everything that is worth any kind of real value to me, I can't buy in a store or order in a catalog. Everything that is worth any kind of real value to me calls me wife and mommy. What more could I need?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My little Drama Queen

Lauren is such a crack up. She is so dramatic. Every time Chad or I get after her, she says in such a defeated little voice "I have to go pout now." Then she promptly puts her head in her hands and does a cute little breathless sounding cry. I swear, if she would only harness that and become a clean and sober child star, then we can move to our dream house in Malibu. She loves to dress up and everyday she is something different. Today she was tinkerbell and would only answer to that. Yesterday she was a little tiger cub. All the time I look around me and realize that all my dreams have come true. I love my little girl. These are some pictures of her in my church shoes. She loves the camera and is into posing for pictures now. Like I said, my little girl is a crack up.

Tag, I'm it!!

Ok, Molly "taged" me so now I am going to name seven interesting things about myself. I am pritty boring, so I might have to stretch a couple of things to "kind of interesting, but mostly mundane" things about myself. So here I go...
#1. Everyone knows that I live in Russia. However when I was in russia I lived with someone from the Russian maffia, got chased in a metro station, spit on at a bus stop, ate shark, kicked off a bus, almost ran over by a tram, and surrounded and almost mugged by a band of gypsies. Yes, there really are gypsies. And that really is not all of the near misses I had there. I was born under a lucky star I guess. And I was only eighteen at the time.
#2. I loved living in California!! I got to work for an executive producer who live in Malibu. Which means that I ran into a lot of stars. I met Ozzie and Sharon Osborn ( who told me I was F___ pritty) , Mariah Carrey, Julie Andrews, and Dick Van Dike. The little girl I nannied for was also friends with Potsy from Happy Days, Ansil Williams's little girl. So I met him too. I was also mistaken for Kate Winslet while I was shopping at the Ralf's in Malibu.
#3. I can speak Russain and I know sign Language. I use to want to be a teacher for deaf kids, but instead I teach my kids sign so that befor they can talk, we can still communicate. My little girl will be three in december and she hasn't had a full blown temper tantrum. And I think that it is because She is always understood.
#4. I have been to Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Switzerland, Finland, Canada (does that count?) mexico and Puoto Rico.
#5. I have a photographic memory. I always win the memory games at baby showers. My husband calls me Monk. I always win fights because I can recall exactly what you said in the way you said it. You would be better not to even try. :)
#6. I am a published author. Before you get to excited let me tell ya what it is. In high school I won a writing contest and had two of my poems published in a book of poetry, which they said that I could buy for $50. bucks. So I don't even have the book that they are in. Oh well, someone out there does.
#7. This may not be interesting to anybody ealse, but to me the most interesting thing about myself is my two kids. They are fun and exciting. They keep me busy and make me laugh everyday. If you told me ten years ago that I would have the best time of my life on the floor in my jammies coloring in a coloring book whilst watching winny the pooh, I would have said you were crazy. But they make everything new again and that is the most interesting thing about me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It has been so long since I have done anything on my blog that I thought that I would give a little update. Lauren is so cute. She uses the term "last year" all the time now. If I tell her that it is time to take a bath, she tells me that she already did it last year. If I tell her to go to time out, she tells me, mommy I did it last year. It really is cute. I have to try very hard not to laugh at her. Evan finally sleeps at least six hours at a time in the middle of the night. Finally!!! He is our little line backer! He is huge. Lauren was always so small. She was in the 2% on height and weight. Evan on the other hand is in the 90% on both. The kid already weighs 13 ibms!! But we are glad that our boy is the line backer and our little girl is the pixie instead of the other way around. We are getting ready for Christmas. Just like every year, we are going to California to stay with Chad's dad. We are so looking forward to the little vacation. But other then all of that, we are just loving being a family.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Evan is having a bath. He hated it. He cryed the whold time. My kids hate their baths. Lauren was so concerned for him. She kept trying to comfort him and make sure he had his pacifier. After his bath, he slept very deep. I love to watch him sleep. I love it when they dream and smile in there sleep. It is adorable. He laughs, crys and smiles in his sleep. I am still waiting for his first "awake" smile. It looks like he is trying to when I talk to him.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I love my little babies

Evan is now a month old. It is hard for me to believe that only about 5 weeks ago he was still cooking inside my tummy. He totally belongs in our family and we love having him with us. Lauren is a little mother. Sometimes she wants to help a little to much. She loves to feed him his bottle and runs to get his pacifier when he crys. Evan is a good sleeper, in the day time. I am living off of 2 hours of sleep a night. I am currently 90% caffine. Lauren is in a stage right now where she loves to dress herself. Here is a sample of Ode Cotour by Lauren. She is so cute.

Friday, October 5, 2007

This is a before and an after shot. My hair looks cute and I am ready to go in the before shot. In the after, I look so gross, my hair is all messed up and I am exhusted. But I have a cute little bundle for all my trouble. Isn't he so cute!!!

Evan Douglas Triplett. Born on September 12 2007. He was 7 Ibms 8 Onz. So cute.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We were able to go to Catalina Island. We had so much fun. Chad spent a lot of time in Catlaina growing up, and I had never been. It was fun to see all the places that he would talk about. I am really glad that he got to share the island and all his memories with Lauren and I
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Lauren with Mimi and Pop Pop
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Lauren enjoying Mimi and Pop pop's pool.
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A month before Evan was born, we went to California to visit with Mimi and Pop Pop. This is me
And Lauren at a beach in Malibu. Lauren is such a beach baby, she crys when we have to leave.
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