Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My little Drama Queen

Lauren is such a crack up. She is so dramatic. Every time Chad or I get after her, she says in such a defeated little voice "I have to go pout now." Then she promptly puts her head in her hands and does a cute little breathless sounding cry. I swear, if she would only harness that and become a clean and sober child star, then we can move to our dream house in Malibu. She loves to dress up and everyday she is something different. Today she was tinkerbell and would only answer to that. Yesterday she was a little tiger cub. All the time I look around me and realize that all my dreams have come true. I love my little girl. These are some pictures of her in my church shoes. She loves the camera and is into posing for pictures now. Like I said, my little girl is a crack up.


Kelly said...

She is so darling! I love when Riley plays pretend it makes me understand what she is thinking more often!

Collings Family said...

I love the second picture of her in the shoes...it looks like a Marilyn Monroe pose. Why couldn't I have a little girl like her? Mine just want to climb everything.