Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love my husband

Let me just start off by saying just how much I love Chad. He is always making me laugh. I love his little quirks just as much (maybe even more) then when I married him. One of his quirkiest quirks is that he is very very good at demolition, but not so much at construction. If the road to life is paved with good intentions, then Chad has a very well paved road. Our house is full of half finished projects. He tore out cupboards in the kitchen without anyway of fixing it when he was done, he started to demo the conversation pit..and it is still in limbo. And my demolition man was at it again the other day.

We have this apple tree in our backyard that was severly over grown. Chad got this amazing idea (which is a good idea) to trim the tree. Which he did beautifully. He just forgot that we have no where to put the branches and no way to transport said branches to a more appropriate location.

The good news is...Lauren and Evan can now climb on tress without me worring that they will fall out and break their arms. The bad news...well, that might be all that they can do in the backyard for awhile. I love you Chad.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The case of the missing camera

Since I had work off last night, we decided to go hang out at the mall. It was a lot of fun. I feel like I never get to just play with my family anymore. I havn't seen my friends in so long, and lets just forget about doing fun things with Lauren and Evan. So even a trip to the mall becomes an adventure for me.

I really think that they are growing up right before my eyes. They get bigger and more mature every day. When we were ate the mall, be grabbed some Chick-fil-a to eat and let the kids play on the merry-go-round.

I love how at this age, a dollar can bring so much joy. While we were at Bath and Body Works rubbing on about a million different kinds of lotion, Lauren reached under the seat cover of our double stroller and pulled out none other then my missing point and shoot cannon camera that I thought I lost in Disneyland 6 months ago!! Can you believe it! It was like Christmas. I wasn't so sad at the time about loosing the camera since it was really starting to not work very well was all of those cute Disneyland moments lost forever that I was so sad about. But now, I have all of those moments back!! Yeah for me. So..6 months later..I am doing an other post on our Disneyland Adventure! I am so excited!!! I hope you are ready for a Triplett family picture overload, because here it comes.

Lauren was so excited to go to Disneyland. We told the ride operator at the Peter Pan ride that this was Lauren's first ever ride on her first trip to Disneyland, so she gave her a pin that says "1st Visit". Lauren slept with it on that night. She didn't want to take it off.

There are to many cute pictures to choose from, so I will just have to pick some and explain the story behind them. I want to put up a little video of Lauren's first time on The Star Tours ride. I wanted to record her reactions because I remember thinking that Star Tours and The Pirates of the Caribbean were real. All you can see is black, but her voice and her words are just to cute not to share.
I also have an other video of her on Star Tours where she yelled "I am going to be the Princess of Mars!!" I am not sure where she gets these things, but I do know that she is so stinkin' cute. She had so much fun in Disneyland. She was on a high energy adrenaline rush the whole time we were there. After spending all day going on various rides, we ate dinner at the Tomorrow Land Terrace. While we were eating, they had a band singing and dancing. Lauren loved them. She danced right along with them. We watched the sun go down to Lauren dancing to the music of the band.

But all good things must come to an end. It was time to go back to the hotel that night. Lauren was heart broken and Evan was zonked out.

But we came back and had some more fun the next day.

We went over to California Adventure and spent the day over there. This is turning into quit the blog post, so I will end with just one more funny thing that happened while we were over there. We ate at some hamburger place there and Evan was thirsty..and was gross.

In case you didn't get to see the delicious, custom made drink Evan was gulping is a still shot of it. Yummy. Don't you wish you could have some?

It was a lot of fun. I am so glad that I got to take my kids to a place that held so much magic for me as a kid. And I am doubly happy that Lauren found the camera!! I want to go back there soon. I would love to go before Evan turns 3 since children under 3 are free. We'll see...cross your fingers. But until then, I could always relive the trip by looking at my long lost pictures.

Hide and Seek...Kitty Style, an Easter Package, and Evan loves electronics

We love our sweet kitty cats. I love how animals become such a part of the family. I think that our little cats are special. They love to cuddle and they come to you when you call them. Anyway, early Sunday morning, we heard our sweet little Gracie Meowing. I couldn't figure out where she was. We looked in the garage and in all the closets. We kept calling her and she would answer with a long sad meow. Chad was in Lauren's room and could finally pin point her. She was in the wall!! When we walked outside, we could hear her too. So what do you do in a situation like this? Of course you have to cut a whole in the wall to get her out.

We did get her out of there. She hid in a corner for awhile and scared the dog when she hissed at her, but otherwise, she was fine. We also got a package in the mail from Mimi and Pop Pop. Lauren gets so excited when she gets a package from them. It doesn't matter what it is. She loves it. Mimi sent her a very pretty pink fluffy easter wreath which is hanging up in her room above her bed right now. Mimi sure knows Lauren. Anything pink makes our little Lauren super happy.

Thanks Mimi and Pop Pop! We love you and miss you!

Every time Chad has to fix anything, he has a shadow. Evan is right there with him. Evan loves machanics and electronics. He loves tools. He is always telling me "Mommy, I fix it." He is so dang cute! Chad was trying to fix the computer the other night, so naturally Evan thought he had to help fix it too.

How cute are they!?! I have so much to be thankful for. I am so grateful that I married a man who is such an amazing father. I am grateful to have two beautifully healthy children with wild imaginations and soft tender hearts. And I am so grateful that our house is filled with animals who love us and enrich our lives. We may have a chaotic house at times, but it is also a warm environment. Every time I walk through our front door, I know I am home because of the people who fill up the rooms.