Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hide and Seek...Kitty Style, an Easter Package, and Evan loves electronics

We love our sweet kitty cats. I love how animals become such a part of the family. I think that our little cats are special. They love to cuddle and they come to you when you call them. Anyway, early Sunday morning, we heard our sweet little Gracie Meowing. I couldn't figure out where she was. We looked in the garage and in all the closets. We kept calling her and she would answer with a long sad meow. Chad was in Lauren's room and could finally pin point her. She was in the wall!! When we walked outside, we could hear her too. So what do you do in a situation like this? Of course you have to cut a whole in the wall to get her out.

We did get her out of there. She hid in a corner for awhile and scared the dog when she hissed at her, but otherwise, she was fine. We also got a package in the mail from Mimi and Pop Pop. Lauren gets so excited when she gets a package from them. It doesn't matter what it is. She loves it. Mimi sent her a very pretty pink fluffy easter wreath which is hanging up in her room above her bed right now. Mimi sure knows Lauren. Anything pink makes our little Lauren super happy.

Thanks Mimi and Pop Pop! We love you and miss you!

Every time Chad has to fix anything, he has a shadow. Evan is right there with him. Evan loves machanics and electronics. He loves tools. He is always telling me "Mommy, I fix it." He is so dang cute! Chad was trying to fix the computer the other night, so naturally Evan thought he had to help fix it too.

How cute are they!?! I have so much to be thankful for. I am so grateful that I married a man who is such an amazing father. I am grateful to have two beautifully healthy children with wild imaginations and soft tender hearts. And I am so grateful that our house is filled with animals who love us and enrich our lives. We may have a chaotic house at times, but it is also a warm environment. Every time I walk through our front door, I know I am home because of the people who fill up the rooms.

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Michelle said...

That crazy your cat was in the wall! Glad you were able to get her out :). Lauren is so cute and that's so cute that Evan loves to fix things with his Daddy. You have such a cute family :)!