Saturday, September 15, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go

My Grandma B is living at Legacy right near the Jordan River Temple. I love my Grandma. She has always been there for me. There isn't a memory of my childhood that doesn't involve this strong classy lady. She is full of life, opinions, and love. She will tell you like it is while she is throwing her arms around you. I am pretty sure that she invented the phrase "A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down" and Disney just borrowed it from her. Because that is what she is, a spoon full of sugar and a little bit of medicine to go along with it. I spent so many weekends in her little back bedroom at the end of the hall. I watched many episodes of Star Trek on my Grandpa's lap while Grandma was making dinner in the kitchen. I learned how to play solitar on her formica kitchen table. She played "house" and "school" with me. Many masterpieces by Melissa were created on her couch upholstered in big brown flowers. She has always been a lighthouse to me. I can't imagine a day when she won't be there shining her light for me. And I feel so lucky that she has been able to meet my three kids.
Reece was all huggy today. He kept garbing Evan and wrapping his little baby arms around him. And because he is an equal opportunity hugger, Lauren also go some too.
Here some picture from an earlier visit. We try and visit her once a month. I wish we could do more.
She has decided that she likes Chad. She has heard some bad things about him because my mom is her daughter. She believes that Chad has sure changed over the 9 years that we have been married. No amount of me trying to convince her that he is the same Chad that I married will make her budge on that fact. But I give it to her. I figure it is the only way that she can believe in her daughter (my mom) and still think that Chad is a great guy. I'm good with that. I just love that she loves Chad now.
It was a long day for my Reece's Pieces. I had to get this shot of him. I love sleeping baby pictures. I feel lucky to still have my G-Ma around. She is like a Timex watch...she is strong and dependable. I hope some of that strength also runs through my blood.

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Michelle said...

What a sweet post :). You're lucky to have such a sweet Grandma and that she's still around. Keep visiting her as much a you can. My Grandmas are both gone and I kinda think I took them for granted when they were here. You don't realize how much you love and miss them till they're gone, and unfortunately they don't live forever... You look great Melissa and your kids are so cute and are getting so big! So fun to see your blog posts again :)!