Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning was alot of fun. Lauren patiently waited for Mimi and Pop Pop to wake up so that she could dig into her gifts. Evan had more fun with the boxes that the toys came in then the actual toys themselves. It is crazy to me that there is such a build up to Christmas and then in like 30 min, it's all over. It makes me a little sad. After presants, we went to breakfast at IHOP. It is always an adventure to go to a resturant with two little ones. But we survived. Later on that night, family came over for Christmas dinner. Lauren had so much fun with her little cousin Taylor. She couldn't wait for Tay to show up. Every ten minutes she asked when Taylor was going to get there. They spent to whole time upstairs dressed up in Lauren's fairy dresses playing with there new tea sets.

Lauren loves playing with Taylor and she loves her Auntie Dawn. She gets very excited when she knows that she will be able to see her.

Evan and Jennifer.
I really truely wish the best for all of you and hope that everyone had an amazing christmas. I hope that everyones 2009 will be a great year.


Michelle said...

I'm glad you and your cute little family had a fun Christmas!

Collings Family said...

Love those little princess dressups! I know what you mean about the Christmas buildup and then its over so quickly. This was the first year I felt that it lasted a lot longer, and that's because the kids are older and we spent all day putting batteries in their toys and putting stuff together. Hope you're enjoying the non-snow!