Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The World, according to Lauren..

My friend Hilary asked her little girl a series of questions with hillarious results, and then she posted them on her blog. I am totally being a follower and stealing her brillant idea. Hey, when you are brillent, others are sure to take notice.

How old is your Mom? 6

What is Mommy favorite thing to do? I put my hand right here to make sure it doesn't come out and it tooted (talking about a spray bottle). What was the question? Oh yeah, play around, jump up and down and hang up pictures.

What does Mommy do when you are not around? Clean

What is Mommy really good at? helping Daddy to do the computer is fixed. ummm...when I get hurt, you get me a sippy cup and I calm down and then I start to cry again and you give me a hug. And sometimes I don't and you get me a bandaid. And when Evan gets hurt, cuz he jumps up and down and does what he has to do because he is a boy...write that down.

What is your Mommy not so good at? Washing Evan's hair. (which is true, that is Chad's job when the kids take a bath). And you are bad at cleaning up throw up. (again...Chad's job).

How tall is Mommy? Come on, come on on the marker and will show you on the wall how tall you are. (after I stood up against the wall where we mark how tall the kids are) yep, just like I thought, eighty-one number one.

What does Mommy do for her job? Write down letters when you go where you're at for the grocerys.

What is Mommy's favorite food? Ice Cream, Macaroni and Cheese, and Strawberries (for the record, these are all Lauren's favorite foods)

What does Lauren and Mommy do together? Get Ice Cream and go to the park and read books.

How are you and Mommy the same? I am up to here.

How are you and Mommy different? ummm..humm, don't write that down! I am not done thinking. Let's go measure me. I am up to here and you are down here.

How do you know that Mommy loves you? like this much. When I am standing on the couch I am this tall. Umm..when I get bigger and bigger, umm..you just do.

What can you tell me about Daddy? He is this big and I am this small.

What do you and Daddy like to do together? go to the park
Does daddy ever take you to the park? (my added follow up question because Chad hasn't ever taken her to the park) yes, the day before someday.

What is Evan like? He likes to play with me and he likes to hit me in the head.

What is something Mommy always says to you? Go to the time out and stay there. (boy I sound mean)

What is something Daddy always says to you? I love you so much (why couldn't Mommy always say that?)

What makes Mommy happy? When I hug you and say, it's Ok Mommy.

What makes Mommy sad? When Daddy throws the plates away and you cry, and then Daddy throws the cups away and you cry, and then Daddy goes to sleep and you cry. Then you went to Wal-mart and bought paper plates.

What was Mommy like as a child? play around and jump up and down and turn around. You like to do this (sticking her toung out and doing a silly dance).

What makes you proud of your Mommy? Get me food and I am so excited to go outside. Can I have Ice Cream now?

If Mommy were a cartoon character, what would she be? Cinderella because um your a character. And she cleans and she is pretty.

What is your favorite animal? Radley and Gracie. (our dog and one of our cats)
What is your favorite color? Pink (umm, big surprise)
What is your favorite movie? Up
What is your favorite shirt? I have an idea, I have a dress, this one that I have on now. (anyone who know Lauren will know that all she wears everyday is a different princess dress. She happens to be wearing a bride dress today).
What is your favorite treat? raspberry sorbet
What is your fav, breakfast lunch dinner or snack? Snack, raspberry sorbet (she got that from Pinkalious, and I think she has Ice Cream on the brain right now.)
Why? because it is my favorite treat and I love it so much. Can I have some Ice Cream now?

So that is all. My speacial thanks to Hilary and her adorable daughter who inspired me to steal her brillent idea in the first place!

On a different note, but still the same subject (ie, my super cute daugher and the even cuter things she says) I was tucking in Lauren last night and told her that she is more precious to me then dimands and gold. Lauren responded "Mommy, you are more precious then dimonds and squares and circles." I love my little girl!

This is Lauren giving Chad a manacure! The next morning, he couldn't find the nail polish remover so he had to rush off to work with Lauren's handy work on his nails. Haha, the things daddys do to make there little girls smile! Well I better go get her some ice cream now before she bursts.


Hilary said...

So cute! I totally stole the idea from someone else awhile back, so the brilliance didn't start with me. :-) I love doing this with Annie every couple months and seeing how the answers change!

Michelle said...

What a cute post. Lauren says the cutest things. That's aweesome that Chad let Lauren give him a manicure, that cracks me up!

Mike Brunson said...

Lauren is so cute. What a great post idea!

Mike Brunson said...

Opps, sorry I didn't realize I was signed in as my husband, this is Amber. Hee hee.

Rachael said...

That is so... cute! I hope you don't mind me stealing it from you.

John and Sherri said...

That is so cute! What a great idea- Lauren is a doll!

Traci said...

Lauren is such a cute little girl! And what a good idea and smart to do every few months! I think I'll steal those questions and interview my little Carter man. =)