Monday, September 27, 2010

Here are just some funny things that Lauren and Evan have said in the past months. I wrote them down in facebook, so some of you have probably all ready heard some of these. But I want to copy and past them here so that I have all of their cute words in a document that is a little more permanent. They are such funny little ones. Love them!!

I put Lauren in time out for hitting Evan. When she got out I told her to apologize to Evan. She said "Sorry I hit you Buddy." Then Evan said "Sorry Mommy put you in time out Lauren." Nice to see that no matter what, he'll always have her back. -September 12th 2010

Going out to the car, Evan stops and points "Mommy, whats that?" Me: "That's the exhaust pipe Buddy." Lauren: "Yeah Buddy. That's how the car gets rid of all it's tiredness." -August 20th 2010

Lauren was asking Chad a lot of "what-if" questions..'What if we didn't breath with our lungs..what if we only had one leg...ect" So Chad said "Hey Lauren, what if I had eight arms and a hundred legs, huh, how about that?" She answered back "Then you would be an octopus, or a centipede." Touche! -August 1st 2010

We got Lauren and Evan Sundaes from McDonalds. I put Evans in a cup with a spoon in it and handed it back to him. He started sipping on the spoon handle like it was a straw. I said "No Buddy, it's a spoon not a straw." Evan said "Ohh..yeah..kay.." So Chad and I started to laugh, and then he said "not funny!!" It ...was cute, but I guess you had to be there :) -July 23rd 2010

Driving in the car yesterday, Lauren asked Chad and I "what is the smell I smell outside?" Rolling down the window and sniffing the air, she answered her own question "Ohh, it's blossoms and barbaque!" Love her!! -July 20th 2010

I gave Evan a bath today (because he looked like a poor little orphan-he had so much dirt on him) This is our conversation.."Time to get out Bud." "No, I wash me." "No Bud, times up." "No Mommy. I pay in water." "Ev, I am not going to wash your hair, and you don't have to go to bed." "Oh?..No Nap? Kay, Mommy, I out now." -July 13th 2010

Lauren : Mommy? Do you love Daddy? Me: Yep. Lauren: If you love daddy then this is what you have to hug him and kiss him and then you can turn into a fairy. That is how you know that you love him.
(I always wondered how I can tell if our love was real or not. Thanks Lauren for clearing that up for me) -July 9th 2010

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Michelle said...

I love hearing the silly things kids say and do :). You gave me the idea to record some of the silly things Colby says, so thanks. I love it :)!