Thursday, September 16, 2010

And the Oscar goes to.....

Lauren is a very dramatic little girl. I always tell her that she is going to win an Oscar one day and buy me a house in Malibu. So when I saw this filer for an acting class, I knew that Lauren would fit right in. And she does. She loves it!! She is in her element. She has it every Thursday. Thursday morning, she reminds me right away about her class. It is just so cute to me to see her shine. I love my little actress.

They start every class off with voice warm ups:

They are going to do a production of Alice in Wonderland, so today they did a bunch of exercises where everyone pretended like they were a cat. Here are some pictures of Lauren being a cat:

I love how happy she looks in all the pictures. When I got home and showed these to Chad, we both commented on how she had a perma-grin in all the pictures. It was hard for me to narrow down all the pictures because there wasn't one picture where she wasn't smiling. After they got done slinking, creeping, and prancing like little cats, they did a little dance number.

Then they did a little stage fighting. It took Lauren a while to get this part of it. She is so non-violent, she really was very hesitant to give anyone a good looking fake whack across the face. But by the end, she was fake slapping with the best of them.

The last exercise that they did was to carry around swords and march around in a choreographed little skit where they pretended to be the Red Queens little minions. I love how seriously Lauren took her role. She never broke character.

Man she cracks me up! We finally found an outlet for her flare for the dramatics. I love that kid!

We thought about putting her in soccer, but I truly can't imagine her kicking a ball around. What I do picture is her laying on the field day dreaming while others kick a ball around her. She loves her acting class. She is already asking me how long she has to wait to go back. Eventually, I want to get her in a dance class as well. She is such a natural performer anyway. I am so glad that I found that flier and actually followed up on it. For one hour a week, Lauren is in total bliss.


Rachael said...

What an awesome opportunity for her. :)

Hilary said...

That's awesome! Now I want to find something like that for Annie! She'd love it! :-)