Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The World, according to Lauren..

My friend Hilary asked her little girl a series of questions with hillarious results, and then she posted them on her blog. I am totally being a follower and stealing her brillant idea. Hey, when you are brillent, others are sure to take notice.

How old is your Mom? 6

What is Mommy favorite thing to do? I put my hand right here to make sure it doesn't come out and it tooted (talking about a spray bottle). What was the question? Oh yeah, play around, jump up and down and hang up pictures.

What does Mommy do when you are not around? Clean

What is Mommy really good at? helping Daddy to do the computer is fixed. ummm...when I get hurt, you get me a sippy cup and I calm down and then I start to cry again and you give me a hug. And sometimes I don't and you get me a bandaid. And when Evan gets hurt, cuz he jumps up and down and does what he has to do because he is a boy...write that down.

What is your Mommy not so good at? Washing Evan's hair. (which is true, that is Chad's job when the kids take a bath). And you are bad at cleaning up throw up. (again...Chad's job).

How tall is Mommy? Come on, come on on the marker and will show you on the wall how tall you are. (after I stood up against the wall where we mark how tall the kids are) yep, just like I thought, eighty-one number one.

What does Mommy do for her job? Write down letters when you go where you're at for the grocerys.

What is Mommy's favorite food? Ice Cream, Macaroni and Cheese, and Strawberries (for the record, these are all Lauren's favorite foods)

What does Lauren and Mommy do together? Get Ice Cream and go to the park and read books.

How are you and Mommy the same? I am up to here.

How are you and Mommy different? ummm..humm, don't write that down! I am not done thinking. Let's go measure me. I am up to here and you are down here.

How do you know that Mommy loves you? like this much. When I am standing on the couch I am this tall. Umm..when I get bigger and bigger, umm..you just do.

What can you tell me about Daddy? He is this big and I am this small.

What do you and Daddy like to do together? go to the park
Does daddy ever take you to the park? (my added follow up question because Chad hasn't ever taken her to the park) yes, the day before someday.

What is Evan like? He likes to play with me and he likes to hit me in the head.

What is something Mommy always says to you? Go to the time out and stay there. (boy I sound mean)

What is something Daddy always says to you? I love you so much (why couldn't Mommy always say that?)

What makes Mommy happy? When I hug you and say, it's Ok Mommy.

What makes Mommy sad? When Daddy throws the plates away and you cry, and then Daddy throws the cups away and you cry, and then Daddy goes to sleep and you cry. Then you went to Wal-mart and bought paper plates.

What was Mommy like as a child? play around and jump up and down and turn around. You like to do this (sticking her toung out and doing a silly dance).

What makes you proud of your Mommy? Get me food and I am so excited to go outside. Can I have Ice Cream now?

If Mommy were a cartoon character, what would she be? Cinderella because um your a character. And she cleans and she is pretty.

What is your favorite animal? Radley and Gracie. (our dog and one of our cats)
What is your favorite color? Pink (umm, big surprise)
What is your favorite movie? Up
What is your favorite shirt? I have an idea, I have a dress, this one that I have on now. (anyone who know Lauren will know that all she wears everyday is a different princess dress. She happens to be wearing a bride dress today).
What is your favorite treat? raspberry sorbet
What is your fav, breakfast lunch dinner or snack? Snack, raspberry sorbet (she got that from Pinkalious, and I think she has Ice Cream on the brain right now.)
Why? because it is my favorite treat and I love it so much. Can I have some Ice Cream now?

So that is all. My speacial thanks to Hilary and her adorable daughter who inspired me to steal her brillent idea in the first place!

On a different note, but still the same subject (ie, my super cute daugher and the even cuter things she says) I was tucking in Lauren last night and told her that she is more precious to me then dimands and gold. Lauren responded "Mommy, you are more precious then dimonds and squares and circles." I love my little girl!

This is Lauren giving Chad a manacure! The next morning, he couldn't find the nail polish remover so he had to rush off to work with Lauren's handy work on his nails. Haha, the things daddys do to make there little girls smile! Well I better go get her some ice cream now before she bursts.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things that make you want to JUMP. JUMP..ah huh

Chad won this bouncy house thing that takes up our entire backyard!! Lauren loves it. She calls it her "treehouse" because that is what it is shaped like. Evan was afraid of the fan at first. He would scream everytime we turned it on. But now he loves it and can't wait to go outside to play on it with his sister. The other day, Chad and I got in there with them. Even the dog came in for a little bit too. It was a lot of fun. I love finding anything that Lauren and Evan can do together.

Now we need a barbaque and some out door furnature and I will be happy. And some swings, and maybe a sandbox. Fix the deck...maybe a fire pit...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our little E.R adventure

Oh my gosh am I tired! We had a little adventure last night. Poor Evan! He got a cough and was so sick. Yesterday he just sat on my lap and moaned all day long. He wouldn't eat or sleep. Lauren was such a good girl through it all. She played by herself all day long. Anytime I needed anything, she would run to get it. She kept coming up to Evan and kissing him, talking softly to him. She was a trooper and when I needed her to be a little grown up, she totally steped up to the plate! She was very mature for her 4 years of age and it allowed me to concentrate on Evan. She is such a good girl.

But anyway, back to Evan. When Chad came home, he took Evan off my hands so that I could get some rest. I told Chad that I didn't think that Evan was breathing right. It seemed to me like he was having a hard time getting enough air. As Chad held him, he could also see that Evan was really laboring as he breathed. We decided to take him in to the doctors, but it was 8:00-so to the E.R we went. I am grateful for Chad. Soo grateful. With the both of us working together, we can do anything. I couldn't be a mom without his support. When I go through what we did last night, it makes me think of Chad's mom. I wonder how she did it. She was a single mom with 6 kids! I couldn't do it without Chad.

They took Evan right away and gave him oxygen. His Oxygen levals were really low and the poor kid was just listless. They had to put an I.V into his arm. It was soo sad for me! They had to strap him to a board so that he wouldn't move around. His eyes were filled with terror. He just looked at me with pleading. I know he wanted me to save him from this torture and it just broke my heart. Then they came and got an x-ray and gave him a breathing treatment. The breathing treatment was like magic! In a matter of minutes after the treatment, he was playing and full of energy. I had my little boy back. He was talking and smiling. It was such a relief to me.

The whole time Lauren was so worried about Evan. She would cry for him when he would cry. It was sweet to me to see the concern in her eyes for her little brother. Before we left, they gave Evan a shot of steroids to keep him bronchial tubes open. The poor kid was so surprised with the shot. He just started screaming. And then Lauren started crying. She told the nurse "when you gave Evan a shot, I didn't like it. You shouldn't hurt him." It was really cute to me. I love to see to love that they have for each other.

We finally made it home at 1:00 and in bed by 2:00. Poor Chad had to wake up at 5 to make it into work on time. He will be taking a nap today when he gets home. I am so grateful to the love and support Chad gives me. He is such a good daddy and gives both the kids and I a huge sence of security. I am so grateful for modern medicine. The Evan before and the Evan after-it was like two completly different kids. I feel so lucky that I don't have to watch my kids go through any kind of terminal illnesses. Last night was a quick fix, but some parents have to watch there little ones go through much worse then Evan did last night, and on a daily basis. I am tired, but so grateful this morning. So he has asthma, big deal. He is still a happy and healthy little boy. What more could I ask for.

Monday, June 22, 2009


This might be Evan's last sucker.

Anyone want a sucker?

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

I know that if you live in the greater Ogden area, then you had to have heard and seen the hail falling from the sky. We have skylights so the hail echoed all through out our house. It was a thunderous announcment of it's arrivle. So I grabed the camera and ran outside.

As with any kind of force of nature, the Triplett family loved it!! Lauren and Evan went outside and played in the balls of ice. It was a lot of fun.

I love the rain. I have loved it these past couple of weeks. I know that I am in the minority. Most people would love for the sun to come out. But I really love the rain. And because I live in Utah, a desert state, I am totally aware of how very little rain we actually get. I know that we have a hot long summer ahead of us. I guess that is why I apperciate the rain so much. Everytime it rains, we go out on the deck and bundle up in blankets and just watch the rain, listen to the thunder, and enjoy the lightning. We need to move to Seatle. I really don't like dry climents. That is why I hated Phenoix and Las Vegas and why I loved Porto Rico. We LOVE the rain!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Talking Bees and Sarcastic Socks

Lauren is always saying things all day long that keeps me laughing. I had a whole list of things that she has said this past week that I was going to blog about, but of course I can't find it now-naturally. So only a few things come to mind.

Lauren was outside playing on the trampoline. I always have the windows down while Lauren and Evan are outside so that I can pay attention to what they are doing. I, all of the sudden, heard Lauren screaming. So I ran out there to see what was up. After hugging her and calming her down a bit, I asked her what was the matter. Through tears, she replied "I was just here, minding my own business (yes, she really does talk like that) when a bumble bee saw me and smelled my skin. The bumble bee said 'huh, what a pretty sunflower'. And then I ran away from the bee, but the bee followed me and said 'wait sunflower, I am not done with you yet.' But Mommy, I am not a sunflower, I am just a little girl."
Apperently all of the bugs in our yard are articulate.

A couple of weeks ago, I was packing up for Las Vegas and I was a little stressed out with two little ones under foot. It seemed like everytime I got a little bit ahead, something would happen to throw me back a couple of hours. So when Evan went down for a nap, Chad took Lauren to run some arrends so that I can get things done. He went to Sam's Club and had just buckled Lauren into her car sear. As he walked around the car, he made a funny face and was making funny noises at Lauren. Lauren said to him. "Daddy-you look like a funny {something he couldn't understand}." Chad replied, "A funny sock? (because that is what he thought she said) What is that Lauren?"
Lauren-"Oh I don't know daddy. You put it on your feet and walk around with it. No a funny SHARK."
Umm, sarcastic much? Funny girl.

Last night after I tucked Lauren into bed and read her books, I took a deep breath and sunk into the couch, ready for hours of mindless entertainment. Just as I finished settling in, Lauren started crying from her room. With a groan, I got up and walked down the hall into her room. "What's wronge baby girl?" I asked her. She pointed a shaky finger at the wall at an ant. "Mommy, there is a dangerous bug. Get it." Feeling relived that it wasn't a spider, I picked up one of her books and smashed the ant. All that remained was a smear on the wall. Lauren studied that little smear. She pointed to it and asked "Is that it's bum?"
"Maybe, yeah, it might be." I replied.
She looked at me so full of shock and said, "Mommy! You killed it! How could you?"
Yep, I read books, wipe snotty noses and I murder ants.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What the Shalak!?!

You know those days where everything seems to go in your direction? I had one of those days on Sunday. So nice and quite, and dare I say, serene. Chad was awake all the night before. Chad was alseep in his bed, and I was way ahead of schedual in getting ready for church. As I watch my kids out the window, I was really feeling quit proud of my little family. It was like there was a shining light from heaven that was pouring down on our little corner of the world..and then it hit. Disaster! Screaming! Yelling! Lauren saying "Evan got into something dangerous!" Yep, my little Happy Valley just had an earthquake and the sands of perfection were washed away untill reality settled in. My little boy, my curious little Evan had taken a big handfull of polyurethane and smeared it all over his cute little mohawk! And not just a little bit, Chuncky-half-set-thick globs of it, all over his golden hair. (Chad was doing a project. He had it out in the sun, all shalaked with polyurethane to dry. That is where my son had gotten his little hands on it).
What was I to do? Chad was asleep and hadn't slept all night long the night before so I wasn't about to wake him up, church was about to start, and my little boy had a varnished head and was screaming himself horse. So I stuck his head under the sink and tryed to wash it off with shampoo and water. Did you know that you can't get polyurethane off with soap and water? Then I thought that the only thing I could do is buzz all of his hair off. Meanwhile Evan is screaming so loud, I had to shut all the windows in fear of my neighbors calling child services on there way to church. I set him up in his high chair and got out the clippers. I started to buzz off his hair when the clippers got stuck in the polyurethane! Ahhh...why does this happen now when Chad is asleep! I have totally given up on making it to church to do my lesson at this point. It was already 20 min. into primary. Soap and water didn't work, buzzing his hair didn't work, the only opption left to me was to do what anyone ealse in this technological age would do, and that is google it.
I google "how to get polyurethane out of hair" with zero results. I have never in my life gotten zero results on the world wide web before. Apperently every other mother in this world would never allow there little child a chance to smear a bonding agent into there hair. I know that Chad always uses gasoline to get polyurethane off of his hands, but I wasn't about to pour a toxic flamable liquid onto my son's head. So I put in "how to get polyurethane off of hands" just hoping that there would be something I can use. And there was. Did you know that if you use Vegtable Oil, it breaks down polyurethane? I didn't either. So I grabed the screaming kid out of the high chair and I ran to the sink armed with Veggie Oil. I poured it all over his head and started to scrub. And you know what, it totally worked! After all the polyurethane was out, I used soap and water to wash off all the oil. But when I was done, he had a chunk of his hair gone from my previous attempt to buzz the shalak out of his hair. So I had to finish the job. And although he still looks cute, he just doesn't look like Evan. It makes me a little sad. I can't wait untill I get his mohawk back. But I did it! All by myself. I got the stuff out of his hair. It might have taken an hour and three attmepts, but he is polyurethane free! With a new hair cut too.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Las Vegas

I am going to give this going private thing a couple of weeks to give everyone who wants to be invited to view my blog a chance to let me know. So if you havn't yet, e mail me at yes.to.the.blog@gmail.com so I can send you an invite. Fair wanrning about this blog post, it could be a long one. Chad and I were going to work at a convention in Las Vegas for AILA, but we couldn't get anyone to watch our kids, so instead Chad worked and I played. I still went to Vegas, we just took Lauren and Vin with us. We stayed at the Saharah, which Chad called a "dive", but I thought that that was being to generous. I think they should change the name to Pot-Head Paradise and hire Joe Bong to run the front desk. I didn't want my kids to walk on the carpet without socks on. It was bad. But what can you do. We were somewhere different. I didn't have dishes to clean or laundry to do, so who am I to complain? Chad and I went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon and it just seemed different to me. I think that having kids makes you look at things differently. Vegas just seemed like a dirty cesspool. I was just hoping that there minds were still too young and innocent to really process half of the stuff that they were looking at. But, whatever, we still had fun. DAY ONE: We droped off Chad at the Palazzo and went to the M&M store. I know, don't I look lovely in my glasses? Lauren and Evan look cute though and that is what matters. While we were there, we watched this 3-D cartoon movie thingy. "I lost my M in Las Vegas". I know, pretty chessy right. But the kids loved it. While we were waiting for the movie to start, they asked if there was anyone who wanted to sing for some candy. Lauren heard the call of candy and couldn't help herself. She walked right up to the microphone and started singing. It was so super cute! The video is super dark, but you get to hear her cute little voice. I don't think that there is a better sound in the whole world to me then my little babies voices.
After the M&M store, we took a tram over to the Mandalay Bay Cassino at went to the Shark Reef Aquarium. It was really cool. I had fun. Lauren loved it, and Evan was afraid again. He is so sensitive, I love it. It was alot of fun. I was amazed at how many different kinds of sea animals they had. It was pretty cool. After the aquarium, we went to Denny's for lunch. I know how crazy-we go all the way to Las Vegas where they have amazing resturants, and we go to Denny's. But Denny's doesn't cost $20.00 a person. Evan didn't want me to take a picture of him. He kept turning his face. By this time, he was so tired. After lunch, we walked around the Venetian. And Evan fell asleep in his stroller. Lauren was afraid of the Living Statue guy. She begged and begged to take a picture with him, and then when the time came, she got stage fright and made me come up with her. It was time to go back to our hotel "Hash Heaven", oh I mean the Saharah. Now, what do you do when you are stuck in a hotel room with nothing to do and no toys to play with...
...leave it to my easy going little boy to find fun in an ice bucket. Or then there is always the possiblility of Lauren body slamming Evan. It doesn't seem like a good time to me, but Lauren loved it.

And that was the end of Day one. I told you this was a long one. I am not done yet. You should take a break and go get yourself some pop corn, or maybe a soda.


We started out day two much the same as day one. We droped off Chad at the Palazzo so that he can make money while we set off to spend a little of it. We went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Lauren and Evan were so nervous. It took them almost untill the very end untill they figured out that the Wax people wern't real.

Somebody help, Brad and Angalina are trying to adopt my baby!! (Wah Wah Waah)

My little biker boy.

I love how terrified Evan looks in this picture. It is so cute, I had to take a close up of him.

Madana's new back up dancers. I hope she doesn't make them wear a cone bra.

After the wax museum, we went back to Denny's for lunch again. Yummy greasy food.

After lunch, we headed over to the Mirage hotel where we saw the white tigers and some dolqhins. Lauren loved the dolphins. I didn't get good pictures of them, but I got some cute ones of my kids.

You would think that we would be all done and we would go back to "Toker Towers" and call it a day, but nope. The day before when we were at the Venetian, Lauren saw the Gondalas that floated down the center of the Venetian. She heard them sing and she wanted to ride one. That is all she talked about after she saw it. She said that she wanted the "gondals" to sing to hear. Apperently, they are from the pages of Lord of the Rings. So I decided to make one last stop on our power tour of Las Vegas, and suprise Lauren with a gondala ride. Evan, of course, fell asleep.
Here they are waiting in line.

And here we are on the ride. I love how Evan is just passed out. He is totally zonked. There was no waking him. It was so cute.

After the Gondala ride, we picked up Chad from work and went to dinner with Chad's family and some of the other people that work on conventions. I didn't have my camera, but it was fun. We then went back to our hotel "Prostitute's Palace" and went to sleep.

The next day we packed up and drove home. Phew! We jammed alot of activities into two days of vacay. It was exhusting, but alot of fun too. The day after we got back, Evan woke up two hours later then his usually time, took a six hour nap (no exageration) and still went to bed at his normal time. He was worn out! And although it is so good to get away for a couple of days, it is also so very nice to come home.