Monday, March 30, 2009

Out with the with the new.

For Christmas, my dad and his sweet wife Rita bought me a new faucet for the kitchen. It is actually a very thoughtful gift. If anyone has been over to my house and tried to turn off the water in the kitchen, you will understand how this was such an amazing gift. It has taken Chad this long to get the gumption to try and tackle the job. And we thought that as long as we were going to go to all the trouble of putting in a new faucet (and by "we", I mean "Chad"), I might as well get a new sink as well. There was nothing wronge with my sink, it just isn't my style. It looks a little "country kitchen-ish" and I love mid-century modern. So I wanted a chrome sink. So here is what we started with: And what contrator works without a crew? This was real cute. Evan is such a mommy's boy, but for some reason, when Chad was under the sink, being all manly, Evan was right there the whole time. And, of course, Lauren was just being Lauren. She gives out hugs and kisses like they are going out of style. It was a long process. It took about three hours to just get the old sink out. But he did it. And while Chad worked worked worked in the kitchen, Lauren and Evan played. I love the age that Lauren and Evan are now. They are just now starting to play with each other and it is so cute!! I love seeing them together. They are so dang cute, if I do say so myself. Anytime we have ever done anything in our house, we always write our name and date somewhere. When we had to put up some sheetrock, Chad inclosed a picture of us inside the wall. An other time, I put a dried rose that Chad gave me inside an other part of the wall. It is just fun for us. The sink was no different. When Chad pulled out the sink, we put our names and date on the wood behind the sink. It was the first time that Lauren wrote her own name. It was kind of cool. We have done so many repairs to this house. You wouldn't think of it to look at it. We have so far to go, and yet we have done so much. Just one thing at a time. Then one of these days, we will have an amazing house. Check in again in 5 years and you will see. And that was the end of day one. Day two, Chad put in the new sink:
Evan was helping Chad with all the repairs. In the second video, Evan says "ta-da". I am so glad that I got that on camera because he says that all the time. It sounds so stinkin cute!

Finally, after about 10 hours of work on Chad's part, and a million pictures taken by me, we finally got a new sink.

Isn't it beautiful? It is funny when you get something new, even if it is as small as a new sink, it totally makes you fall in love with your house all over again. It least it does for me. Thank you Chad for all the hard work, and thank you Daddy and Rita-I love my new sink!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Whos on first?

Lauren and I were just chillin on the couch watching T.V when a commercial came on. On the commercial, a kid said "W-h-a-t What?"
Here is our following conversation:

Lauren: "What does W-H-A-T spell?"

Me: "What."

Lauren: "W-H-A-T?"

Me: "W-H-A-T, spells what."

Lauren: "I don't know. What does it spell?"

Me: "What."

Lauren: "W-H-A-T"

It was pretty funny, I just gave up and asked her if she wanted ice cream. She soon forgot about W-H-A-T what.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wheeler Farm

Finally! Spring is here! We went to Wheeler Farm today with some friends and their cute kids. It was exactly what I needed. Thanks Michelle! What a great idea. I was totally feeling so blah. I had acute cabinfeveritis, and a day at the farm was just the cure that I needed. Lauren and Vin are now all glossy-eyed and just chillin on the couch. Nice and quite. Nothing like a full day to make them all calm.

Here is some of the kids that went along. There were a few more, but this is all I got on my camera. (Left to right, Lily, Brock, Evan, Lauren, Carson, Colby, Tavin, and Ryker)

Lauren was the oldest little one there, and she really was so cute. She was watching out for all the little babies, making sure that they were safe. She was mothering them all.

Lauren and Vin, sitting on a tracker, getting ready to plow the fields. It is about time they pulled their weight around here! I mean, Lauren is 4 for crying out loud. Seriously now, it is kind of cool that I have these pictures with Evan on the tractor, because Chad's grandpa-who Vin is named after-had his own farm and tractor.

Evan loved the ducks!! He is so tender hearted, I didn't think that he would come out of his shell as quickly as he did. Evan inherited alot of "Triplett traits" and one of those traits is a love for animals. He lights up when he sees any kind of animal. In fact, I couldn't get him to play on the old tractors they had there, he kept wanting to go back over to where the animals were.

Lauren and Evan and all the animals.

Lauren had a lot of fun playing on the hay with Tavin and Colby.

I couldn't get Evan to go up on the hay stacks. He would cry everytime I tryed, but that is OK. He still had fun with the hay, just a little closer to the ground.

The kids had a lot of fun. We watch a lot of T.V during the winter. (I know, I know, What can I say. My poor kids have a mom who can't move in tempuratures below 40 degrees-yet an other reason I need to move to California. I have trained them to hate the white stuff.) So it was such a nice thing for us to get out of the house.

By the time we made it over to the ducks, the busy day was wearing on them. They started to show signs of weariness.

But Lauren really really wanted to ride the tractor. I had promised her when we got there. One the way to get the tokens to ride the tractor, Lauren got wounded. Poor thing skined her knee.

Doesn't her face look so sad. She is a little dramatic. She is laying on the couch, 6 hours later, still telling me that she can't walk because she skinned her knee. Heaven help me if she ever breaks a bone!! The tractor ride was fun. Poor Vin though. Remeber how I said that he is so tender hearted? He was fine when the tractor wasn't moving, but the moment it started going, he cried. He just needs to feel safe, sweet boy.

And as soon as the ride stoped, he was all smiles again.

It was alot of fun. It was a challenge to get there on time. (I got lost) With two kids, it is always an adventure when you try and make it out of the house before 9 in the morning, but it totally was worth it. I am looking forward to alot of summer days ahead spent with my babies and my friends.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crash Course on How To be a Spy by James Bond

First thing you should know is that a man can only fight in a tux, while women do all their best fighting in a bikini, or otherwise scantaly clad attire. If you are ever on top of a high building and your purp is getting away, don't worry. A dump truck or a semi will be along shortly to help you catch up to the bad guy. If a dump truck or semi does not happen to pass by, remember that you are MI6. It doesn't matter how high the building is, you can jump off and hit stone hard concret without breaking a bone, and hit the ground running at that. Another spot you might find your self in is being traped in a corner with a bunch of hard core seasoned criminals shooting semi-automatic weapons in your direction. Never fear. All you need to do is run super fast in the opposite direction and the bullets will magicly miss you by millameters. Welcome to MI6, anyother questions or concerns you have can be charmed away by cute little innuendos. You are now ready to be an uber spy for the britsh royal crown.

Also: Happy Birthday Debbie! We love you so much. I would give you James here with a big green shamrock bow if I could for your birthday. Does the thought count?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A day with my peeps

It isn't very often that I get to spend the whole day with the girls in my family. Chad's sister Kari is going to have a little boy in about a month and a half, so we all got together at Chilie's to plan the baby shower for her. Chad and Vin stayed at home and slept. So I brought Lauren with me.

This is us after we ate. Me, Shari, Kari, Traci, and Chad's mom Nancy. Lauren had a lot of fun. She loves her aunts. And she loves any excuse to show off how smart she is. She kept signing her name for everyone and spelling anything she knew how to spell. She is learning so much so fast.

Kari looks so cute with a belly. Seeing Kari's cute belly and Traci's new little baby boy, it made me just a little bit baby hungry. Where does that expersion come from anyway? It is not like I am going to eat a baby. Anyway, I am back on track.

Poor Kari. She kept itching her tummy. I totally remember that. And the always loosing my breath, and the need of a toilet every ten minutes. Now that I think of it, maybe I can wait awhile longer before adding to our family.

I also loved seeing Traci's little guy Kaden. I hadn't had a chance to see him since he was born a month and a half ago because we have all been sick at our house. I didn't think that Kevin and Traci would have apperciated it much if we had gotten their new little boy sick. He is sooo cute. So sweet. Here is Shari holding Kaden.

Lauren already loves her new cousin. After Chilie's, we went to Zurcher's to get some stuff for the baby shower, and Lauren spent the whole time singing songs to Kaden. It was very sweet. Lauren has such a gentle and tender heart.

Seeing little Kaden made me excited to see Kari's little boy. She is going to name him Lincoln James Nicolay, cute huh. (her husband is named James). He'll be here before we know it. She is due in 6 weeks, I think. It was a fun day. We left the house at noon and didn't come home untill 6. But I have a riddle for you. What happens when you leave a man home alone for six hours with an 18 month old? I will tell you, Your house goes form this:

to this:

I love Chad so much, but we have differt ideas of clean. If he can still see the T.V, and the path from the couch to the fridge is clear, then he calls it good. I just started laughing when I walked in the door. I love him so much. He is always good to illistrate the differences in men and women. But hey, he is so good to me. He let me go all day long on a Saturday without complaint. And he pretty much lets me have my way all the time. I had a lot of fun today, and I really hope that we could do it more often. I have really sweet sisters and a wonderful mother in law!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I have the Winter Blahs..

I haven't really done a real true blog post in quit a while. It has been a hard winter for us (well, me). Between hospitals and surgerys, as well as sickness-plus we are down to just one car again-this winter has been a long one. Thank goodness for Playhouse Disney! I thought I would post some random things.

These are pictures of Evan while he was being sick. Please tell me that I am not the only house this winter to be hit with sickness!! I have been sanatizing everything with bleach and lysol! We are finally feeling better. But it has been a good two, maybe even three months where one of us or all of us has been sick.

My poor little Buddy boy! Doesn't that look on his face just break your heart?

Even when Evan is not sick, he is such a little cuddler. He just sinks right into you. I love it. Lauren has always been to busy to sit and cuddle, even as a baby. She is just now starting to like to cuddle up to Chad and I. But Evan has always been a little cuddle bug.

Ok, here is where we get really random. Lauren stole my camera and disappered for about 30 min. When I imported the pictures onto the computer, this is what I saw.

Funny girl!! I love her cute goofy little personality. I look at my kids everyday and just think about how lucky I am. They are more precious then gold to me. They keep my so busy and so very happy.