Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crash Course on How To be a Spy by James Bond

First thing you should know is that a man can only fight in a tux, while women do all their best fighting in a bikini, or otherwise scantaly clad attire. If you are ever on top of a high building and your purp is getting away, don't worry. A dump truck or a semi will be along shortly to help you catch up to the bad guy. If a dump truck or semi does not happen to pass by, remember that you are MI6. It doesn't matter how high the building is, you can jump off and hit stone hard concret without breaking a bone, and hit the ground running at that. Another spot you might find your self in is being traped in a corner with a bunch of hard core seasoned criminals shooting semi-automatic weapons in your direction. Never fear. All you need to do is run super fast in the opposite direction and the bullets will magicly miss you by millameters. Welcome to MI6, anyother questions or concerns you have can be charmed away by cute little innuendos. You are now ready to be an uber spy for the britsh royal crown.

Also: Happy Birthday Debbie! We love you so much. I would give you James here with a big green shamrock bow if I could for your birthday. Does the thought count?

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Clark and Co. said...

Yeah and get smacked in the balls and still be ready to go the next day... hmmm, they gotta be made of steel!