Saturday, March 14, 2009

A day with my peeps

It isn't very often that I get to spend the whole day with the girls in my family. Chad's sister Kari is going to have a little boy in about a month and a half, so we all got together at Chilie's to plan the baby shower for her. Chad and Vin stayed at home and slept. So I brought Lauren with me.

This is us after we ate. Me, Shari, Kari, Traci, and Chad's mom Nancy. Lauren had a lot of fun. She loves her aunts. And she loves any excuse to show off how smart she is. She kept signing her name for everyone and spelling anything she knew how to spell. She is learning so much so fast.

Kari looks so cute with a belly. Seeing Kari's cute belly and Traci's new little baby boy, it made me just a little bit baby hungry. Where does that expersion come from anyway? It is not like I am going to eat a baby. Anyway, I am back on track.

Poor Kari. She kept itching her tummy. I totally remember that. And the always loosing my breath, and the need of a toilet every ten minutes. Now that I think of it, maybe I can wait awhile longer before adding to our family.

I also loved seeing Traci's little guy Kaden. I hadn't had a chance to see him since he was born a month and a half ago because we have all been sick at our house. I didn't think that Kevin and Traci would have apperciated it much if we had gotten their new little boy sick. He is sooo cute. So sweet. Here is Shari holding Kaden.

Lauren already loves her new cousin. After Chilie's, we went to Zurcher's to get some stuff for the baby shower, and Lauren spent the whole time singing songs to Kaden. It was very sweet. Lauren has such a gentle and tender heart.

Seeing little Kaden made me excited to see Kari's little boy. She is going to name him Lincoln James Nicolay, cute huh. (her husband is named James). He'll be here before we know it. She is due in 6 weeks, I think. It was a fun day. We left the house at noon and didn't come home untill 6. But I have a riddle for you. What happens when you leave a man home alone for six hours with an 18 month old? I will tell you, Your house goes form this:

to this:

I love Chad so much, but we have differt ideas of clean. If he can still see the T.V, and the path from the couch to the fridge is clear, then he calls it good. I just started laughing when I walked in the door. I love him so much. He is always good to illistrate the differences in men and women. But hey, he is so good to me. He let me go all day long on a Saturday without complaint. And he pretty much lets me have my way all the time. I had a lot of fun today, and I really hope that we could do it more often. I have really sweet sisters and a wonderful mother in law!


Dennis and Calena said...

It looks like you girls had fun! The baby is so cute too! I also wonder about the term "baby hungry," is it because it looks like we ate a baby elephant by the time we pop or something?

Michelle said...

What a fun day with the girls! I liked your baby hungry comment, that was funny, I've never really thought about that. That's so good of you to not get mad at Chad for the mess. Men and women are definately different. That was nice of him to let you hang with the girls for the day :).

Rachael said...

What a fun time! You don't look like a wallflower at all, I had to look closer to tell who was who in the picture. You and your daughter are both so beautiful.