Friday, September 18, 2009

Eat your heart out Princess Laia

We had so much fun in Disneyland. It is a lot more work with two kids though. I have been putting off posting about the trip because I have no pictures!! I lost my little point and shoot cannon camera. And Chad put a bunch of pictures on a thumb drive, which we can't find now either. I am hoping that we just left them at my in-laws house and they will turn up eventually. Lauren was bewitched by all the princess and on an adrenaline high the whole time. The first day we went there we tried to get Lauren on the Star Tours ride. Chad thought that she would just love it. But she was barley, like a half an inch, to short to get on it. So the next day, we went to wal-mart and bought her some sandles that have a thick soul to give her that extra little boost that she needs to get on the ride.

We walked into Disneyland that day and went straight to Star Tours. Lauren looked so much the part of a little princess in her Snow White dress and her hair all done up in a "princess hair do". She was ecstatic! She walked up to the place where you get meassured-and she was tall enough (thanks to her new shoes). We had told her not to mention her shoes, but the first thing she said to the attendant was "I got new shoes and now I am the perfect size!" Ahhh...yeah. Thats what I get for teaching her honesty!! Anyway, we were still able to board the shuttle to Endore, even with Lauren's truth telling. She loved it. She was yelling the whole time things like "Wow, we are caught in a tracker beam. I can be the princess of Mars!!" She got it into her head somehow that Endore is a city on Mars, and that she was going to be there princess. We got off. She wanted to go again, so Chad took her a second time. Chad let me know that the little truth teller let every one know that she has new shoes on to make her the perfect size. When a strange in line told her how cute she looks, she said "yesterday I was to small so my daddy bought me new shoes at Wal-Mart, and now I am the perfect size."

Turns out that a second time was not enough. So while I waited at the exit and wrestled with a cranky tired toddler, Chad took Lauren a third time on Star Tours. And Lauren, once again, mentioned her new magic shoes that made her the perfect size. All of the sudden, a "cast member" came over to Chad and Lauren as they were waiting in line and asked them to "please follow me". Of course Chad is thinking "crap, busted!" She started to lead Chad and Lauren down a long hall way. They were passing pod bay 10, 9, 8, 7....all the way to pod bay 1, and then it started all over again. At this point, Chad is totally thinking that they are going to just escort them out of the park. Chad kept checking all of the dark corners for the Storm Troopers that would most likely through them into the garbage shoot. Then they finally came to a ride entrence way far away from everyone ealse. A guy, maybe 20, came up and said "It has come to our notice that we have a very speacial princess with us here today, and so we would like you to have your own personal flight to the Endore moon." They had turned on a shuttle just for Lauren. He opened the doors and told Lauren to sit anywhere she wants and of course she sat right up frount. They guy got down on Lauren's level and asked her name. He told her that they were honored to have her here on this flight to Endore. Lauren looked at him and said with all the innocence of a 4 year old "This is the most speacial moment of my life." Then she HAD to add "Daddy got me these shoes so I can be tall enough and now I am the perfect size." Urrrr!! He looked at Chad and said "she is tall enough isn't she?" Oh yes of course she is :)
Then they closed the pod bay doors and the guy got on the intercome and said "We would like to annouce a very speacial princess is on this flight. Welcome Princess Lauren and have a safe jouney to Endore." Chad said that Lauren was just beside herself with excitment. It was definatly a high light for both Lauren and Chad.


Michelle said...

That is the cutest story ever. Lauren is too stinkin' cute! She cracks me up! That's awesome that you guys got her shoes to make her just the perfect size, what a clever idea :)!

Hilary said...

Awwww, how sweet! It's like Disney magic :-)

Ryerse Sprinkles said...

Lauren is great! I love it! We'll have to keep the shoe thing in mind for when we make a trip to Disneyland! (: We haven't been there yet, but are trying to figure out when we should go. When, based on your magical visit, would be a good time?

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