Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Lauren-isums, and Lauren's hair

I was putting Lauren to bed the other night. We had just finished with our family prayer and it was time for Lauren's prayer. She said she didn't want to say one. When I asked her why she said

"Because. I talk to Heavenly Father every every every night! When he is going to call me back!?!"

Chad had hand surgery on Thursday and it is quit painfull for him. He is all doped up on pain meds. Chad was talking to me about just how much pain he is in when Lauren pipes in and says "I want to say a prayer." Ok, why not. No reason to not to let her if she is wanting to. So Chad and I knell down next to Lauren and she says a little prayer. "Heavenly Father...Grateful for this day..bless our family..keep them safe. And bless daddy that his hand will be all better and won't hurt anymore." That was so sweet. Chad and I just smiled at each other. But then, she said a little later,"Daddy, is your hand all better now?" When Chad said it still hurt, Lauren replied,"No it doesn't daddy, I said a prayer. So now it is all better." Ahh the faith of a four year old. At what point do we lose all that childlike faith?

Speaking of Chad's hand surgery, I went to go pick him up and I had Lauren and Evan in the car. Lauren said, "I am not going to look at daddy's cut because it will make me to sad." (we told her that he had to get a cut in his hand). I told her she didn't have to look at it if she didn't want to. When we got to Mt.Ogden Surgical center, I parked the car and got Evan out of his car seat. I turned to Lauren and said, "Ok baby girl, lets go." She looked totally shocked and said "I'm not going anywhere. I am staying right here." I told her she couldn't stay here because little girls can't be by themselves in a car. She said, "No mommy, I already told you. I am not going in. I don't want to see daddy's cut. It will make me cry." I finally got her to go in. But I thought it was just so sweet and so cute that she didn't want to see her daddy in any kind of pain. I love her and her tender little heart.

I knew that it was going to happen one of these days. I thought maybe. And now I know. My little blondie is going dark. Chad had blonde hair untill he was about four, and now all of the sudden, Lauren's hair is so dark. It makes me a little sad because it is just one more piece of evidence that my little baby is growing up. But at the same time, I love dark hair with blue eyes (just like her daddy). I think she will be beautiful no matter what color her hair is.

These pictures are kind of dark, but with the flash on, you couldn't see the contrast as well. The bottom of her hair is still her baby hair (we have never given her a hair cut). So you can see how blonde she use to be and how dark her hair is getting now. I swear she just woke up one day and it was like she dyed her hair in the middle of the night. And it is also getting super thick too, no longer the "baby-fine" hair. Oh, my baby is growing up. Somebody get me a tissue.

One last thing. I took some pictures today of Chad's hand. His right hand looks twice the size of his left. But it needed to be done. He had "trigger finger" in his thumb, and his thumb kept getting locked in place. He had to push it out to get it to move. It was also starting to get very painful. He waited untill he just couldn't do anything anymore with his right hand before he even thought about any kind of surgery. Because he takes cumidin, it makes even the most routine things a little complicated. He had to slowly go off cumidin and give himself Lovenox shots. three days before the surgery and three days after. He is such a macho man. He just jabs it into his stomache!! But he is not so macho that he lets me know how painful the shots are. But anyway, we still have to watch his blood levals. He really isn't out of the woods yet. We need to get him back on cumidin. Once he is back on cumidin and his blood is at the right levals, then I will stop worring about him. Anyway, here are some pictures of his hand.

Can you see how much bigger his right hand is then his left?

And here is the Lovenox. He has to give himself two injections every day. Better him then me. I definatly couldn't do it. And last but not least,

Thank you to everyone who has asked about Evan, and shown concern for my little guy. He is doing great. It is amazing just how fast little ones heal. And it looks amazing. Dr. Snow did a wonderful job. Now Chad and I can relax-he can walk free and easy in the locker room after gym with his chest out and his head held high. Now, I am done with surgerys and hospitals for the rest of the year, thank you!!


Michelle said...

Lauren is such a cutie! Sorry about Chads surgery. Hope it helps though :). And I'm glad Evan is doing well!

Keri said...

Wow, you can really see a contrast in Lauren's hair. I didn't know Chad was getting surgery - dang you need to be done with hospitals for quite awhile! SOunds like things are going well though! Cute little story about Lauren's prayers.

Rachael said...

Don't get to discouraged about Lauren's hair. Jesse's hair goes like that in the winter. It gets dark for the winter, then when he gets some sun every year it goes lighter. I look the sunkissed blonde on him. Hayden's hair does it too.

Hopefully Chad gets out of the woods soon. There's nothing like worrying about your husband that gets you stress and scared. We'll pray for him.

Collings Family said...

Poor Chad. I bet you guys are so so sick of surgery! Man, does Evan ever look grown up in that picture.