Saturday, February 7, 2009

Butter, Blog Book, Bueaty, and Buddy Boy


No we don't have mice, we have a Chad! Chad makes me laugh almost everyday. And what makes it really funny is he isn't trying to be funny. He is just being himself. I went into my fridge yesterday to get some butter to make eggs for breakfast, and this is what I saw:

I just started laughing. I had to take a picture because it is so classic Chad. When I asked him about it, he said that he wanted some butter, but was to impatient to open the box and take the wraper off the butter, so he mutilated it instead. Which made me laugh more because I thought that the way he did it proboly took more work then just opening up the butter package. Haha he is so funny. I love it. I love that he destroys CD covers because he just rips them apart instead of taking off the plastic wrap and stickers that it comes in. I love that when I Change the sheets on the bed, a weeks worth of socks comes tumbling out from the bottom. And I love that he is totally clueless in the kitches, asking for Maps instead of reciepes, and putting red wine vinager into pancakes because the name sounded like it might be good. You gotta love him!


Ok, learn a lesson from us. We knew that you need to back up all your picture, and we knew that you shouldn't put them on an external hard drive, because they aren't relialbe. You need to back them up on a CD. Something that isn't machanical, because you can still loose everything. Chad has been saying for months now that he wants to back up all our pictures, and he never got around to it. We had everything backed up on an external hard drive, but guess what, that failed too. So back everything up on a CD, espeacially your pictures. We lost everything from the last 5 years or so. Sucks, huh. Anyway, just after Christmas, I started putting together a blog book. And now that we lost everything, I am so glad that I did. Plus I love it. I really do. And Lauren always asks me to read to her from the book that is "all about me," as she puts it. She loves it. So I took some pictures to show you how it turned out. You really don't get a good idea from the pictures, but you get some sort of idea from it. I would recomend it to anyone. I love it. Didn't I already say that I love it? Well I do!! I love it!. I went to, if anyone is interested. (Please ignore my hand in the pictures).


Lauren is a funny girl. She is always trying to do my hair, or Chad's. She is always trying to paint Chad's nails because "Daddy needs a makeover." She is so girly, I have no idea where she came from. I am the totally opposite of girly. I don't know how to dress outside of jeans and a T-shirt, and I never wear jewlery. The occasions that I do put on a necklace, it just bugs me the whole time. And I only put on makeup if I am going to leave the house. (except mascara, I always have to be wearing mascara). Anyway, she had a new subject with wich to give makeovers to. Radley! She is always trying to but make up on the dog and bows in the dogs hair. At least once a week she tells me that we should dye Radley's hair pink. Last night while I was reading a book, I could hear Lauren talking to Radley about how pretty Radley was. "You will look so nice at the ball Radley." That is when I looked up.

She had put Radley in one of her princess dresses. Radley just let her. It was so funny! (bytheway, Lauren has been sick, that is why she looks sooo skinny and has circles under her eyes. She always looses so much weight when she gets sick, and since she is so little normally, you can really see it on her.)


Boys are so much messier then little girls. I clean Vin's face off so many times through out the day, I have lost count. And the boy is always getting into things. Here is a couple of pictures of Evan's warpath. And all these pictures were taken just in last couple of days. Girls may be full of drama, but at least they arn't destructive! I have heard it said that little girls are emotionally exhusting and
little boys are physically exhusting. And having both, I can totally vouch for that statement.

Here is Buddy, enjoying his pudding pop. ummmm..Chocolate....Ahhhhh!

Here he is dumping out protien powder, and he found my secret stash of chocolate.

And here he is dumping out pancake mix and flour. This kid is expensive!

I love how when I catch him in the act, he always gives me this totally innocent look. He is so cute. There is never a dull moment!


The Benoits said...

I love the butter...I agree with you, it would have been much easier to just open the box! Your book turned out awesome! I am looking forward to doing one1

Dennis and Calena said...

I love your book! I'm totally going to check that out!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you posted pictures of your blog book. It's so cute! I started making one and am so excited about it, it's going to take me forever though, I'm only like a tenth of the way done. But it will be well worth it :)! Thanks for helping me get started on it and answering my questions... The butter thing is hilarious, lol! Lauren is such a cutie, I love that she dressed the dog up and I'm totally with ya on the destructive little boys thing! Good times ! :)

Keri Mead said...

I think that's hilarious what Chad did to the butter! And oh my gosh, Evan is so funny! I love the blog book and can't wait for you to come show me (ok, it's only tomorrow....but still!) :)

Nikki said...

O.k., I WILL BACK UP MY PICTURES THIS WEEK!! I've been meaning to,but you totally just convinced me.

Secondly, my cousins a retard. Tell him to open the butter like a normal person from now on. He's not 3. Taylor could've done a better job than that.

Third, I just ordered my blog book. I can't wait to get it!!!

Wilson said...

Do you still have the hard drive that has failed? I may be able to recover the data (or most of it), if you still have it... Let me know.