Sunday, August 24, 2008

Butterfly Kisses

Everyone know about my "Mommy Dearest" issues. Today has been hard for some reason. Somedays are. I am not sure what makes one day harder then the next. I don't understand what the causes are for our problems, and days like this I always look back on the past three years and think to myself, what could I have done to change the course that we now follow. Was there a small moment that could have fix everything that I missed. I know that I blog about this alot, but it is my therapy. I can't afford a shrink, but the internet is within my budget. I could easily just wallow in my own self-pity. And if I were being completly honest, I would have to admit that I did my fair share of wallowing today. One thing that always cheers me up is the smile on my children's faces. So to break out of the funk of a mood I let myself fall into, I decided to go through some family pictures. Then I saw some of my Daddy. My Dad is my silver lining. He is always there, always understanding, and always keeping me from feeling like an orphan. I have always been a Daddy's girl. He is wise and gentle, strong and steady. He is an overgrown teddy bear. When my mom banished Chad from the family, my Dad would still come visit. I am blessed because some people have lost both parents for one reason or the other, but I still have my daddy. I love you dad, and no matter how old I get, I will always be your little girl.


Collings Family said...

That is so wonderful what you wrote about your Dad. From what I know of him, he's a great guy. Hope things turn up for you soon Melissa.

John and Sherri said...

Dads are great! I hope you are having a better day!Keep smiling and enjoying you own kids.

Michelle said...

I don't remember what happen between you and your mom but I do know that it is always great to have family even if your family isn't whole. And its even better when you get to have those special moments with your dad. Everytime I've met your dad he has always been so nice and friendly. I hope your day goes better and please remember that you always have a shoulder to cry on somewhere its just in those places that aren't so noticeable.