Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Cullen's are here

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a book reader. I think the reason that Chad and I met when we did is because in high school he was the kid in the parking lot with long black hair and a Misfits t-shirt smoking a cigerette while Iwas the quite girl with her nose stuck in a book. We wouldn't have liked each other then. (that and when Chad graduated high school, I was just entering into middle school. ) But the years have not changed me, at least. You can still catch me with my nose in a book. I am a conasour of all good literature. Be it classical or new. I rode a fatefull train with Tolstoy, stalked Mr.Radley with Harper Lee, solved crimes with Sir Doyle, and hunted a big fish with with good ol' Heman Melville. But I also rode a broom with Harry Potter, and courted a king in the Other Boleyn Girl. And last but not least, I fell in love with a vampire right along with Bella Swan. So you can imagine my excitment when I found out that they were going to make a movie out of the vampire love saga series.They just cast the movie, and here is the Cullen family in all their unearthly bueaty. I have enjoyed the books over and over again and I am looking forward to Breaking Dawn, which is the last book in the series coming out in Augest. And yes I am one of the nerds that has pre-ordered it. I am just hoping that the movie does the book justice.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blue 42...HIKE

Chad is a car enthusiasts. By listening to an engine, he could tell you what car it came from. If only they had a name that engine game show. But as far as sports are concerned, Chad is completly at a loss. I don't think he could tell you the difference between a baseball or a football. So when we had a boy, chad is already thinking of cars for the little tyke instead of the traditional baseball/football room. He might be the only male in Utah who could care less when the Utes play BUY. So I think that it is a little funny that Evan should look so much like a little line backer. He is in a blue helmet because his head is a funny shape. He can't move his neck and so when he sleeps, he stays on one spot causing his head to mold in a funny shape. He will thank us on day for the 3000 dollars that little piece of plastic that is on top of his head cost us. I just think he looks so cute in it though.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dear Mr. Frost...

Dr. Mr.Frost,
May I call you Jack? I am writing on behalf of myself as well as my family. We would first and formost like to thank you for all the snow. We love our winters being white and we love having enough water in the summer time to keep our grass green. But I am afraid that you have overstayed your welcome. A guest that stays to long just starts to become a pest. I understand that the other side of the world will be starting there winter season soon, you might be a welcome sight there. I suggest you pop in and see if you can stay with them for a while. I hear from Mr.Gore that Antartica is warming up. Perhaps it is time for you to go see some long lost friends there.

Now don't get me wronge. We have loved having you and we will be delighted to see you again next year. You were very ambitious this year and we apperciate your dedication. What good is a snowman in the summertime? And how are we suppose to sled down a hill that is covered in a green blanket of grass? We did have a good time didn't we Jack? So Please understand that I will be looking forward to seeing you again. Give my regards to Spring on your way out. Untill next year,

Melissa (for all the family out in California. I better not be hearing how 60 degrees is way to cold :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Out of the mouth of Babes

My sweet little girl. Sometimes she says things that just blow me away. He heart is so tender and her words are so sweet, filled with innocese that only the young can have. I was watching Gordon B Hinkley's funeral on TV with Lauren playing in her little princess dresses near me. When they showed his picture on the televison, I wanted to take the oppertunity to teach Lauren who he was, little did I know that she would be teaching me about how simple the gospel is and how pure the faith of a child is. Here is our conversation:
Me: Lauren, look at that. That is President Hinkley
Lauren: Yes, he is nice. He loves me.
Me: Yes he does Lauren.
Lauren: Mommy, he talks to Jesus.
And that was it. I was stuned. You see, we have taught Lauren why we take the sacrament, that Jesus loves her so much that he died for her. However we have never explained the consept of "Prophets" yet. You believe what ever you want, but I think that her three year old little heart remebers more then we realize.

She has style and Grace!!

No you are not looking at a young Angalina Jolie and we did not let Lauren get coligen injections. Her cute little trout pout is courtesy of her amazing balacing skills that she inherited from me. (sorry kid). She bumped into the stair railings. Her already full lips doubled in size right before our eyes. So like the good mother that I am, I imediatlly grabed my camera. But she wasn't done.....
About a week after the trout pout incident, she was in the bath tub and decided that her legs are just to harry for her liking. She had seen mommy shave her legs before and thought that she would give it a go. I am just so glade that she has never seen Chad shave his face before. She did mention that she liked the pink water and was wondering if she could take an other pink bath.