Sunday, February 10, 2008

Out of the mouth of Babes

My sweet little girl. Sometimes she says things that just blow me away. He heart is so tender and her words are so sweet, filled with innocese that only the young can have. I was watching Gordon B Hinkley's funeral on TV with Lauren playing in her little princess dresses near me. When they showed his picture on the televison, I wanted to take the oppertunity to teach Lauren who he was, little did I know that she would be teaching me about how simple the gospel is and how pure the faith of a child is. Here is our conversation:
Me: Lauren, look at that. That is President Hinkley
Lauren: Yes, he is nice. He loves me.
Me: Yes he does Lauren.
Lauren: Mommy, he talks to Jesus.
And that was it. I was stuned. You see, we have taught Lauren why we take the sacrament, that Jesus loves her so much that he died for her. However we have never explained the consept of "Prophets" yet. You believe what ever you want, but I think that her three year old little heart remebers more then we realize.

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Rachael said...

Yes, I remember you guys. I hope all your little ones are doing well. Do you still have to do the neck exercises with your little boy?