Friday, October 24, 2008

I have sat down about ten times already to try and write this post. I want to write all about Chad! His birthday was on October 11th and I wanted to tell the blogging world how lucky I am to have such a man. However, everytime I sat down at my trusty computer I got writer's block. How can I have writer's block when I am talking about the many ways I love Chad? It should be easy. He is the one thing in life that I am very sure about. He is the easiest decision I have ever made. The greatest blessing, the most rewarding commitment, the best relationship, the biggest supporter, and the best kisser I have ever come across. I can go on and on but I don't want everyone to loose their lunch. Our first date, I felt like I knew him for years. We had no awkward silences. The conversation was filled with exclamations of "Me too!!" I had always wanted a lifelong best friend, one that I could totally be myself around without fear. And as I sat in the car with him, trying to say good-bye for two hours with neither one of us making the move to leave, I felt that I had found my life long best friend. Lucky for me, he not only made it easy to talk to, he also made butterflies take flight in my stomache. It is almost 6 years later, and those butterflies are still flying. I guess the reason it was so hard to writewhy I am so grateful that a little boy was born on October 11th, who grow into the man of my dreams is-how can you put into words why your heart beats? Or what exactly makes you glow from the inside out? Some don't believe in soulmates, or love at first site. Some think that there is no such thing as a perfect match, like two halves of the same whole finding each other. I say, that it is unequivocally,unmistakably,unquestionably,categorically true that Chad just might be my missing puzzle piece. Happy (late) Birthday! It is such a gift to me that you were born. I will forever be indebted to you mom and dad for raising such a wonderful person.

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Michelle said...

How sweet! I love your writing! You and Chad sound so perfect for eachother! Hope Chad had a great birthday!