Saturday, October 25, 2008

Body Worlds 3

Chad and I went down to the Body World exibit in Salt Lake today. It was great. I keep looking at everything, just in amazement that these were once living breathing human beings. Every "exibit" donates their body to the Body Worlds thing. But even still, it is strange to me that they wanted their body displayed like that. But then again, it is strange to me that people want their ashes dumped into the Pacific Ocean too. So who am I to judge. It makes for a good display. They wouldn't let me take any pictures inside, so I had to look for them on the internet. Fair warning for you-if you type in Body Worlds into google and do an image search-you come across some pretty intresting pictures that arn't exactly rated PG or even PG-13 for that matter.

I thought that the Camel was cool. From one angle, you can see it's stomache contents. Overall, I thought that is was very good. I am glad that we went. It is very educational, and it is just amazing to see all that goes into makeing the body run smoothly. To look at all the capillaries, veins, arteries, tendons, ect., it surprises me that people still don't believe in some kind of higher power. Everything works together and if one thing goes out, the whole human machine just doesn't work right. It had to take intelligence to put all of that together.

The hardest part of the whole exibit was to see the little baby fetus'. To me, the grown bodies lived there life and had a choice, while the little unborn babies had no life to live. I saw a little fetus at 16 weeks gestation and you could already tell that it was a little girl. They had a little one at 9 weeks gestation and it looked like a little baby, the size of a bean, but you could tell that it was a baby. I remember seeing the little flutter of Lauren's heart for the first time at 11 weeks and I just cryed. My stomache still flat, I couldn't feel her, but I could see her there on the monitor, and her little heart was flying. It amazes me that people take those little hearts out and throw them away, just because they wern't ready for a baby yet. All I could think was of Lauren and Evan. I feel so blessed that I never have known the heartache of a miscarrige. I got to carry my babies to full term and I get to watch them grow up.

Overall, it was a great thing to do. I would recommend it to anyone. I wouldn't bring your kids though.

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Collings Family said...

John and I have wanted to go see that. It looks so interesting!