Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day One of Thanksgiving

I am going to do the whole 30 days of thanksgiving thing this year. So for Day one: I am so thankful for my Dad, who has taught me to be strong and to stand up for what I know is right. And who has taught me the kind of person I want to be by the way he lives his life and loves those who have hurt him. He is basically kind to everyone. I have seen him, help old ladys carry their grocerys out to their cars, pick up hitch hikers, leave the house at three in the morning to give a blessing, fix someones car, swamp cooler, roof without any charge, and just do about anything for anyone who needs any kind of assistance. My dad lived with us when I was pregnant with Evan for about a year. I still have some one come up to me in church to tell me about a time that my dad helped them out in one way or an other. And while he was in my home, not once did he brag about how much he was doing for others. He just quietly went about his business.
I recently learned of a service he did for me about three years ago. Because it is my dad, and he told me in confidence, I won't write about what he did for me here on my blog. I will say that it made me feel looked after and loved. I am very thankful for my dad. My mom use to tell me all the time "you sound just like your father.." or "your acting just like your dad..." I always took it as a compliment even if it wasn't always meant as one. I hope one day for someone somewhere to tell me "You know what, you remind me of your Dad." That would make my day.
It is so easy for us to think about all the things that we have lost along the way, it is important for us to every now and then to remember the things that have always been. I have always had my dad. His love and his support, even though he didn't always agree with my choices in life, he always showed me he loved me.
I am proud that my son Reece Wesley caries his name as his middle name. (although you can't tell it from the picture, so is Reece.) I love my dad, so for Day one: I am thankful for my Dad.

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Hi, I'm not sure if anyone writes or checks this blog anymore but in hopes I'm Rex I knew Chad, And would really like to Just say Hello ;)-