Sunday, January 29, 2012

Build a Bear

Lauren and Evan's Mimi from California sent them a build-a-bear gift card for Christmas. We took them recently to get theirs. And can I just say, what a racket!! Seriously they are making bank there. Why didn't I ever think of that! The line full of little children with their eyes bright with anticipation of the event in making their new best friend. Seriously!! If I had thought of that brilliant and lucrative idea, I could be feeding my fire place with $20's!

Lauren picked out a pink cat. She saw it and committed right away to "shiney glitter kitty" (that's the name she gave it)

Evan choose a black bear who he quickly named "Galaxar". He makes me laugh!

Waiting in line. Yes, we had to wait in a line for 15 min! Like I said, they are making some money! Lauren cracks me up in this picture. She is a funny girl.

Man this kid is so cute! I am so in love with him.
Lauren stuffed her cat first.

Evan's turn to stuff Galaxar.

While we were there, they put more stuffing in the machine, and they let Lauren and Evan fill it. They LOVED it. I think that that might have been their favorite part of the whole experience.

Time to give their new bears a bath.

Thanks Mimi!! They have slept with and carried around their new bears ever since. They had so much fun!


John and Sherri said...

So fun! Love the blog updates, you have beautiful children!

Nikki said...

We should go together when you're out!