Saturday, May 31, 2008

Funny Lauren!!

Every day, Lauren opens her mouth and says something that is so funny. I wrote down just a couple of her highlights and thought that I would share them.

Lauren and I were playing. I would say I am happy, and smile real big. She would do the same. We went through most of the emotions, sad, happy, laughing, scared....when I got to sad.
Me:Lauren, I am so sad. (I am exagerating a frown).
Lauren: (cupping my face into her tiny little hands) No mommy, daddy is not mad at you.

Lauren and Chad were playing on our bed one morning. Chad will pop the kids toes every now and then when he is playing around. Chad:I am going to pop your toes Lauren

Lauren: NOO DADDY!! My toes are not bubbles!!

Ok so, I know that have more funny things that she has said, but I just can't think of them right now. I had about five things. But, of course, since I am trying to write them down, my mind is blank. But you get the idea, Lauren says funny things. I love her and her tiny voice and her funny logic. I love my baby girl.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I love words!!

I am in love with words. As long as I can remember, from the time that I was a child, I have always loved words. When I hear a new one, I say it over and over again, getting the feel of it on my tounge. I use it through out the day untill it has become a part of me. Ubiquitous! Verisimilitude! Bilk! And Tom Cruse's favorite, Glib! I love how words can change the world around us, and how they live on long after the author of those words has turned to dust. "Give me Liberty or give me death!" "Let them eat Cake!" "It wasn't me, it was the one armed man!" Words can tear your heart out and cut you to the core the way that a sword never could. They can also change your life and make you cry tears of joy. "Will you marry me?" "It's a girl/Boy!" And my personal favorite, "I love you." I am a collector of words. Book shelves in my home are covered with works by Dumas, Hugo, and even Tolstoy. When I open a book, it is like coming home, no matter where I am at. Sometimes, they aren't so flattering. Like the time I lost control on a hill during the winter time on my way to the gym. I taught Lauren a new phrase that day "Oh S!#T". To show me how smart she is and how quick she learns, she proceeded to repeat that phrase over and over again in a sing-song voice all the way to the nursery. I was just praying the whole time that either A) she would move on to something ealse to say or B) No one would understand her little toddler voice. Ironicly, her first word was Diaper. It has always been a dream of mine, since I learned the word author, to become one. I can't think of a more enjoyable way to earn money then to tell people your thoughts and get paid for it!! That will never happen. I have no degree or conections. But I have found an outlet for the words that build up inside of me screaming to get out, my blog. I have decided to write a weekly collume on the mussings I have in life. Be it about being a wife and mother, or maybe even thoughts on world events. I would love to have people feel like they are not alone in their struggles. No ones life is perfect. The perfect man, children, job, house, or hair only exsits in novels. If walls could talk, people would see that everyone has a messy life. Maybe through words, I could fulfill my dream of touching someones heart and letting them know that I understand. And if I don't understand, maybe through my words, they would know that-at the very least-I care so much.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zoo Day

I love love love the rain!!! I love how the colors seem bighter and the air smells clean. It feels so good to let the rain fall on your face. I feel like a kid again when it is a rainy day. I can't help myself but to want to run around outside splashing in puddles, letting my hair fall into dreads of wetness. So imagine my delight when I woke up on memorial day and realized that the forcaste was all rain all day. There was only one course of action. Buddle up the kiddies and play all day in the rain. Most people would shy away from a day at the zoo on a day like yesterday. But not the Triplett clan. It was a perfect day. The animals apperently love the rain too. They were out and about playing. We had a very nice memorial day. I had to share it. Here are some pictures of my little animals at the zoo. Evan's little smile lights up the whole cloudy sky. He was laughing as the rain drops fell on his face. I had to take a picture. One well-meaning lady told me that I should cover him up so that he wouldn't get wet. But how can I deny such a boy his joy in the rain.
Lauren and I looking at the Elephants. It makes me very proud and just a little bit sad to see how much she is growing. It makes me understand that her childhood is short. I want to hold each smile and laugh close to my heart. I wonder wear all the time has gone.
I love being a family of four. It is wild and caotic. I never have a moment to myself. Forget about my hair being done. I lost all forms of vanity when I became a mom. But look at my little family. Who could ask for anything more?
What can I say about this one. They are just full of innocess and happiness. I am honored to be there mom. (Lauren 3yrs, Evan is 8 months)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I hate Monther's Day

Thank goodness this over comercialized holiday is over. Can you really say that it is a holiday? Don't you still have to do the dishes and arn't you still the last one sitting at the table for dinner, only to get up again two seconds later because someone droped there fork or needs more water? Isn't it still you that puts the bows in the hair and ties the little baby boy ties for church? The real reason I hate mothers day has nothing to do with pasta necklaces and carnation flowers. I just shut down this time of year. (hence the no posts for a little over a month). But I survived. One month and two emotional break downs later, I am still here. I forged through the storm and made it out on the other side. One day it won't hurt me so much to see mothers and daughter's shopping in the mall, or hear someone refer to their mom as there best friend. Mother's day is more then celebrating your own mother, and that is what I have to remember and focus on. It is also celebrating the gift of being a mother. Every tear I wipe and ever skined knee I clean means so much. Motherhood is not a fairytale, and anyone who tells you it is, they are just taking there ADHD son's ritalin. It is more tiring then running a marathon with only one leg, more emotonal then a Brittny Spear's break down. And at the same time it is more tedius (at times) then watching grass grow. It is hard to imagine a occupation that demands more. When all you do all day long is watch Seaseme Street and read Fancy Nancy, it is so easy to get down on yourself and feel like you are making no difference, have no recognizeable accomoplishments on your resume, and feel just plain invisable. But that is not the case. What we do as moms for our little babies is amazing. We are building human beings. A process that doesn't happen over night. Hopefully these human beings that we are building will become active contributing members of society and not society's deliquents. Every bolt on the brooklyn bridge is nesessary. Every weld, no matter how small, was needed to create an engering marvle. Just as every hug and kiss, every time-out and chastisment, and every mac and cheese lunch and bagle bites dinner is nesessary. I don't need anyone to look at all I do and say, 'Wow, you are amazing, you are a good mom'. I don't need someone to tell me that I works so hard. All I need is for my little pixie-of-a-daugter, Lauren and my meaty little man, Evan, to grow up and call me their mother-their friend. I want to see that what I am building right now will one day grow up and likewise, build other human beings. I want nothing but happiness for my little monkeys. I want them to know that it is them that has made my life full of undiscribable meaning and never ending happiness. I love my babies. And that is my update.