Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Disney's Princess on Ice

Lauren was so cute through the whole show. She had this look of awe from the begining to the end. I don't think she even blinked! It was so much fun to watch the amazement she felt make her eyes dance. The look, the smiles, her happiness through out the whole show was worth every penny and a thousand times more. At one point, she turned to me and said "Mommy, I am amazed. This is spectacular" (thank you Fancy Nancy).It made me want to cry to see how much she delighted in it. It was definitely a night for the history books in our family!!

Tree House Musem

Chad makes this exact same face when he is doing his homework.

Some pictures of lauren at the Tree house Musem. She loves it! And it saves my sanity, espeacially during the winter time.

I don't have a cute title for this one.

Rita (holding Kara), Dad (holding Evan) and Lauren (who is more interested in her grilled cheese sandwich then the camera)
Lauren, me and my little sister Natalie. And the picture below is Lauren holding Natalie's girl Kara, and of course our little man Evan

My little sister came to visit with her husband and her new little baby girl Kara. Natalie and Darren live in a far off distint and exotic land called...Missouri. It was fun to see her. We went to lunch with my Dad and Rita. (Thanks dad for lunch.) Here are some pictures of us and our spawns.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Neighbors from hell, and I dont mean Idaho!!

Ok, long story. So back at Christmas Time, our next door neighbor's dog bite off the head of an other dog. So sad for them, but we had no beef with the people next door and their four big barking dogs. Whatever. Fastforward to Valentines day. Chad got me a cute little black puggle for valentines. The only problem is that she barks when she is outside to go to the bathroom. (she is an indoor dog however). Well about two weeks ago, I get a knock on my door at 7:30 in the morning mind you. It is our next door neighbor (with the killer dogs). They are upset that our dog barks when she is outside. I am not a delutional pet owner that thinks my pet is perfect. I feel bad that she barks, so I apologized and let her know that we are trying to train her. Well then she goes off on some kind of tantrum about how our dog doesn't deserve to live and that they have two hours of video of Radley barking and that they are going to turn us into animal control. Oh, and that Chad is "high and mighty" and thinks he is better then they are. (which if you know Chad you would know that that is just crazy talk). I cryed, called Chad at work, and he told me that he will talk to her husband when he got home from work. Well he did. He went over there and talked to the husband. It turns out that the husband is just as bazar and unhinged as his wife. Apperently we are all religous and poping out babies at our house. Which, I guess, has so much to do with our dog barking. He also reiterated that fact that our dog doesn't deserve to live. And why didn't we just take on of there dogs. (yep, certifiable) We decided just to be civil. You know, wave when they drive by and smile at them when we go on walks. After all, they are our next door neigbors. (PS, they are in a law suit right now with the neighbor whose little dog got decapatated by their dog. They are just making friends with all the neighborhood!). Well a couple of days ago, the wife came pounding on my door again. I almost didn't answer it, but I thought-why not. We have been working with Radley and she is not as bad as she use to be. So I opened the door. Sure enough, the chick was ready for a fight. She let me know that I better get my dog inside because she is poking her head underneith there fence and she is going to get her head bite off if we don't get her. Although she said it not so nice, I smiled, apologized and let her know that I would get my dog (who was only out side for maybe 3 min. I just barley let her out.) Then she let me know that she has got that on tape. Which makes me mad. This is the second time that she mentioned that they are taping us. I truely feel violated. Like I am not safe to go out in my back yard. So I told her to stop. She said they would when our dog stops being the piece of S___ that it is. So I shut the door on her. We have only had Radley for a little over a month and they are giving us this much crap. She is only a small puppy. I know that puppys can be annoying, but not with standing, she is still a good dog. Any advice on how to deal, I could use it. Now I know why the commandment to love thy neighbor could be one of the hardest!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I don't know it anyone has seen Dan in Real life-if you havn't seen it you should. But anyway, they should have named it Chad in Real life. It is truely like someone put a camera in our house and then took notes on all the ways Chad reacts to any given situation. The first time I saw this in the theater, it freak me out. The whole time I couldn't get over just how much like Chad his charactor is. but anyway. Love it, you must see it if you havn't. Good flick!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Quarky Things" Tag..

Lauren: The Quarkiest thing I can think of about Lauren is she can not handle any kind of change. If I tell her that we are going to wal-mart, and I stop off at a gas station on my way, she starts to cry. If I rearrange the furnature, it takes her all day to fell comfortable in that room again. She has to have all her things in exactly the same spot in her room. And she is very particular about possesions. If you tell her not to take the toy away because it is someone ealses, she totally understands. On the other hand, she has a hard time sharing because it is her toy or book or whatever. She even gets upset when I sit in "Daddy's chair" even when chad is not home.
Evan: He is only 6 months old, so it is kind of hard to see quarky thing about him. He scatches his head when he is stressed out or tired. I have to cut his nails every two days and he still ends up scratching himself pritty good. He is always smiling and so happy all the time though. This picture of him is when he was sick for about a week. He always gives you a smile not matter how he feels.
Chad: Oh, my perfect wonderful best friend-slash-husband. He is the most positive easy going sensitive person I know. He always helps me to look on the bight side and he makes me feel better about things that are out of my control (I tend to worry about things that I really have no control over). But even though he is the least judgmental most positive person I can think of, he is also a gold metal complainer. He can out complain a two year old. He can find a complant where lesser men have found no fault anywhere. I never have to complain because I know that he has it covered. If I see something that I would normally compain about and Chad doesn't mention it, I just figure it must not be that big a deal because the world champion of complainers didn't point it out. I havn't truely complained in five years thanks in part to my perfect Chad.
Which leads me to ME: I am the biggest klutz on the face of the planet. If there is a small peble on the sidewalk, my feet will find it and trip over it. Things inexplicably fly out of my hands and break. I always end up finding cords to trip over and stairs to fall down. I always find mystery bruises on my arms and legs. Chad has stoped asking me if I am Ok when I fall down. It has just become par for the course. And that is the quarky things about the Triplett family.

I am going to play Molly's trick and say that anyone who reads this (and wants to) consider yourself tagged.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How conversations go in our house....

Tell me if this sounds firmilar. First off, Lauren latly talks about anything and everything without taking a breath in between subjects. When Chad and I do get a word in edgewise, this is how it sounds: So Chad today while you were at work..Lauren, the nail gun is not a toy, lets put it away..Lauren did the cutest thing..sweetheart, the cat doesnt want to go into the washing machine-no she doesn't need a bath-she is all clean...anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so it was almost her nap time and..Lauren leave your brother alone, he doen't want make up on-yes Iknow, but I don't think boys want to look pritty...so I told her that.....
Well you get the idea.

Wow, what a week!!

Ok. so it has been about, what, ten years..?..since my last post. So I guess now would be a good time to update ya'll. I do have a good excuss. Chad is the legendary computer whore of the Triplett Family. Apperently he has to "study", but whatever. Last week, Chad and I flew out to California. But before all of you guys get to jelous of the two of us having fun in the sun, we had to work. So we didn't see much sun. I love going to conventions though. I love seeing Chad's dad and Mom#2 (who own the bisness). And I love seeing my convention family. Most of them I only get to see once a year. Like the Brainiac Brian who is way smart and way sweet and just the kind of person I would love my boys to grow up to be like. Even when he is out "getting into trouble" its like the kind of troube that you want your kids messed up in. And his parents, oh I love his parent. Geo and Maureen. You won't find two more genuine people out there. Then there is cute little teny tiny Lourdes with the great big heart. Of course there is also my sister in laws, Kari and Shari with Shari's husband John. Who by the way mean more to me then they will know. Pat the out of work actor and Bill, Terry and there daughter Renee. And how can I forget Danny. You can't write a charactor in a book like him, and if you did no one would believe you. And I truely love Scotty, and other brainiac who can do anything. And sweet Dawn, who always remembers my kids and makes me feel like a member of her family. I mention all of these people becasue I do have to find family in odd places because the tradional places come up empty. I love my conventin family. Then when we got home from our convention, we all got sick. The family that pucks together stays together, right? All of us except of course, chad. He never gets sick!! oh sure, he may spend more time in the hopsital for things like bleeding ulcers and heart opperations, but he can not catch a cold. He did take good care of us and I love him so much. He is my everything, as corny as that sounds, there is no other way to sound when I am talking about my Chad. Well that is our week in a nut shell.

(this is a picture of the whole gang. everyone except chad, 'cause he is the photographer. The picture at the top is me putting CD's into there sleves in front of the machines that are duplicating other CDs to be put into there sleves-don't I look professional)