Monday, September 9, 2013

Evan's First Day of School 2013

Evan was so excited and anxious to start this new adventure in his life. Like any new venue, his anticipation and nerves were high. He was no longer the one waving good bye from the doorway as his older sister made the two block walk to school. He would be joining her. And although I knew he was ready for this right of passage, I was also so nervous for him. He has such a tender loving heart. He doesn't have a mean bone or a bad intention anywhere in his body. He looked so grown up and ready to take on the world. Just like any mountain that our kids climb, I watched him go with equal pride for the maturity that he was handling it, and sadness that yet an other chapter in his life has been closed. Man, I just love this kid.
Our tradional photo shoot by the tree in our front yard.
Evan's best friends at age 5 are Mac and Davis. He was so sad when he found out that Mac was in the other class, but very relived to find out that Davis would be in his same class. Mac, Davis and Evan play Star Wars every recess. Mac is R2D2, while Evan plays Han Solo because Han Solo is a pilot and that is what Evan wants to be when he grow up. I am told that Davis just plays "whatever". And as clear as little 5 years can be, I am happy I got as much information out of Evan as I did. I am not sure what 'whatever" is, but apparently Davis plays it well.
Evan is so smart and such a good boy. He always wants to do what is right. I am so excited for all that lays ahead for him in the year to come. All the information he will learn and all the adventures he will have.
I love you kid!

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