Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chad's Close Call

The day after Evan's blessing, we found ourselves temporary residences of the Ogden Reigonal Medical Center. Chad woke up sunday night throwing up. We thought at first that maybe it was food poisoning. After a sleepless night, he still got himself up to go to work. After he came home, he couldn't stand up straight and he was so weak. He was so very pale. His lips were completly void of color.
We were thinking that Chad was dehydrated so we called his mom to watch the kids, then we went to the ER. Turns out that when you throw up purple liquid, that means you have blood in your stomache. Chad had a bleeding ulcer. Half the blood in his body was now in his stomache. Matters were made worse by the fact that Chad takes a blood thiner because of his metal heart valve. They admitted him into the ICU right away.

He spent four days in the hospital. We just got home tonight. I love looking over and seeing Chad in the living room. He is home where he is suppose to be. Things change so quickly. Life really does turn on a dime. Hold on to the ones you love. Don't wait for something bad to happen to remind you how much you love each other. Love them feircly every day.

Evan's Blessing

Traci holding Carter, Lauren and Grandma Nancy holding our little Evan, the man of the hour. He was blessed on December 8 2007. It was so good to see everyone come out and support us.
Arn't we the cutest couple that you have ever seen in your whole life!?! Chad is my best friend and the love of my life all wraped up into one sexy package. And I feel so lucky that I married someone who could give my kids a blessing. I love my family so much.
From the top right is Auntie Kari, Auntie Traci, Daddy and Uncle Kevin. Then there is Lauren and her cousin Carter.

Lauren's Auntie Kari reading a story to Lauren trying desperatly to stay awake.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

My dream home

Sometimes I get a little discouraged when I think of the long years ahead before Chad will graduate. He has the whole weight of our little world that he carrys around on his sholders. He loves me enough to let me stay at home and be a mom. I don't mind all the little things that we can't afford. You can get holister shirts and Lucky jeans at savers, and no one knows where you got it from. Just that it looks good on you. When I feel like I am going to cry because of all that I do without, I close my eyes and pretend that we have it all. And I see my dream house. A modern home on the beaches of Malibu. Then my little boy wakes from his nap and crys adding to the noise of his sister running around the house singing "pop corn popping". I see chad on his computer and I watch as Lauren crawls up on his lap to watch you tube with her daddy. She is such a daddys little girl. My little boy has stoped crying and he is looking up at me smiling. His smile lights up his eyes. When I take the time to look around me, I realize that I do have it all. I am already living in my dream home. Sure, it never gets warm enough in the winter and our home is always under constant renovations, but what is a dream home without the laughter of all your loved ones to fill up the rooms with love. Everything that is worth any kind of real value to me, I can't buy in a store or order in a catalog. Everything that is worth any kind of real value to me calls me wife and mommy. What more could I need?