Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Job!!!! Finally! And some Random Pics of our Summer

Chad has got a new job! We are so excited for him and I am very proud. I think he has done an amazing job providing for all of us. I have managed to not work almost all the years that we have been married. It only became necessary this year. I think that is pretty impressive. We have managed to buy a house, a couple cars, keep two kids fed and survive off of a salary that most college kids have. We have had so much help along the way. Especially in this most challenging year. I feel like we are one our way to becoming grown-ups. Finally, Chad has a grown up job! I also believe that through lots of prayers and faith, Chad was able to put himself out there, to have the courage to step of that cliff of security and take a giant leap into the unknown. This is a big thank you to those who have helped us along the way. To those friends who are known to us and also to those individuals whose generosity remains anonymous. I have my suspitions on who some of those anonymous angels could be, but how do you go up to some one and say.."hey, thanks for that huge gift card to Wal-Mart that you gave to us without signing your name. We couldn't have eaten that week with out it." You can't, so thank goodness for a blog. Hopefully they read this and know just how much their generousity has shaped our outlook on everything. Our compassionate and giving Bishop and Relif Society Presidant, and our wonderful home teachers were always there to give us encouragement as well as the occational grocery bags full of food. The Peterson's gave us a fridge out of there garage when they found out we were living without one for about 6 months prior. The Miller's, who they themselves don't have much, left a goodie bag full of treats for us. And then, of course, I can't forget the Edwards who not only were responsible for bringing my kids their Christmas, they also gave food, gift cards and a couple new coats for me. We got a box full of fun presants via our home teachers for Lauren's birthday, without wich she wouldn't have had something. (I know that I must be forgetting others who have helped, and if I have then I am so sorry. I am amazed still to this day of the boundless reach of others selflessness.) It is so humbling to not be able to give your kids the things that they need. I am grateful to all those who gave and filled in the gaps that we couldn't fill on our own. This experience has taught me to not look the other way. To give a what I can where I can. I feel like I will work the rest of my life to give back in others as the only way I can think to show all of these generous friends and family in my life that they have touched me. All I can do is pay it forward, so to speak, and I truely will do just that.

It has been such a long time since I have blogged!! I feel like I am totally neglecting it. When I have free time, which I have precious little of lately, I want to spend it playing with my kids instead of typing away at the computer. But I have commetted myself to blogging at least once a week. It is my way of writing down our family history. So here is some randomness of our summer...or at leat the month of July that I missed.

I worked both on the 4th and the 24th of July, so we didn't really have anytime to go and see fireworks at a park, so both nights we just bought a bunch from Wal-Mart and had our own little fire works show. Which I ended up really loving. I loved just being with my family. Work has tought me to appercate all the little things, like store bought fireworks, and a great show right in our own yard.

An other totally random thing, Lauren has become a bug whisperer!! Butterflies and Dragon Flies just come to her. It all started with the Butterfly garden that we got Lauren, and it has just grown from there. I have put up pictures of her holding (and kissing) snails before..gross..but she loves them so..whatever. Maybe she is hoping one of them will turn into a prince. Anyway, she has been spending the summer catching Dragon Flies. They are her new favorites. In one day, she has caught up to eight. She put them in a little jar and waited to show Chad when he came home from work before releasing them again.

...and away he goes...

On one of my days off, the week that Chad's Marketstar job ended and just before his job at the base began, we were able to make a trip to the zoo. It was a lot of fun. Warning: Lauren looks like a kid in these more little girl. Where did the time go?

As is our little tradition, after we get done visiting all the animals, we get ice cream right at the top of the hill by the new cat exhibit. And, oh my gosh was it hot that day! The ice cream has become my favorite part of the whole zoo experince these past two years.

Evan really really loves his ice cream.

The way we figure it, the family that shares their Ice Cream together..stays together...

We had a lot of fun that day.

There is so much updating that I need to do. I am not sure if I will ever have the time to fully write down all that has been happening these past months. I mostly want to say thank you to every one..and am a lucky girl to have the family and friends I do have. I wake up every morning with graditude in my heart. I am greatful for all lifes trials that challenge me and all lifes gifts that bless me. I know that as long as I have Chad by my side and my kids have their health and active imaginations, I will always be on the right side of happiness.