Thursday, January 31, 2008

Five Years and Counting.....

Today, January 31st, is our five year anniversery. I wanted to take this day to say how much I love my Chad. He is everything to me. When we met, it truely was like finding the missing peice of myself. I never had an uncomfortable moment with him, ever. Our silences has always been comfortable, our affection always natural and even after 5 years together, our relationship is always new and exciting. My love and happiness is unspeakable, mostly because there are no words to describe it. All words in the English language would just diminish it. Molly tagged me, and I think, given the day, that today is a good day to do it. So here is somethings about Chad.

His name: Chad Douglas Triplett. Douglas is also Evan's middle name and Chad's dad's name.

How long have you been married: 5 years but it seems like yesterday as cliche as that sounds.

How long did you date: We dated for about six months. But from our first date, we saw each other every day after that. We spent all our extra time together.

How old is he: Chad is 32. He always says he is old, but he still gets carded when we are in Vegas.

Who eats more: Most deffinatly Chad does. I eat like a bird, and Chad eats more like a horse, or a sumo wrestler.

Who said I love you first: Chad did. We were watching TV together at my house and I was laying in his arms with my head on his sholder. I was almost asleep. I think Chad thought that I was, when he whispered into my hair. "I think I am falling in love with you." I tryed so hard to keep my composure and still seem asleep. I didn't want to ruin the moment. I still get butterflies when I think of it.

Who is taller: He is. He is just the right heith for me to fit inside of his arms perfectly.

Who sings better: Oh my gosh, niether one of us. We both sound like allie Cats in heat when we try to sing. Or maybe that is just me. So I guess Chad does.

Who is smarter: I would say that as far as book smarts, that would be me. But Chad definatly has more common sense then I do. And he is way smarter then he thinks he is.

Whose temper is worse: I would say that we both take turns with that. We both don't like to fight, but we also don't back down from a fight.

Who does the Laundry: Hahahaha, funny. Oh, your serious? Ok, me then.

Who does the Dishes: Hahaha, stop, your making me laugh so hard. Me.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Chad does.

Who pays the bills: Chad makes the money and I write out the checks.

Who mows the lawn: Chad does. He does all the man jobs and I do womens work. We live by the circa 1950s philosophy. It works for us.

Who cooks: I do. If you can't cook it in a microwave in under 5 min, Chad is lost. I don't think he even know the difference between a pot and a pan.

Who drives when you are together: Man job, so that would be him.

Who is more stubborn: I would say that we both take the cake on that one. We are stubborn is different areas.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong: Me. Wait a minute, maybe it is him that is more stubborn.

Whose parents do you see the most: Since my family is a little crazy, then his.

Who proposed: He did. It was so sweet. I didn't even see it coming. And I am so happy that I said yes and didn't let anything or anyone change my mind.

Who has more friends: We both have the same I guess. We both tend to have life long friends instead of a whole bunch of aquantances.

Who has more siblings: He does.

Who wears the pants in the family: We both share. We each take a leg.

I love Chad with all my heart. I shudder to think what would happen if we didn't met. We have stayed together against all odds. To steal a line from Shaniah Twain, I am so glade we made it

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lauren's Onion Baby

Lauren loves to help me cook. She does it almost every night. The only problem is, she falls in love with her food. Literally. She picks a piece of food and it becomes her baby. Two nights ago, it was an onion, last night a carrot. It really is cute. She hugs it and rocks it to sleep telling me "Shuush mommy, my baby is seeping." This will go on untill it is time for me to add the onion or carrot or whatever it may be that night, to my recipe. Then, murderous mommy that I am, I must cut up her baby right before her innocent trusting eyes. Then those sweet eyes fill up with tears and she crys and crys over the lost of her "baby". After I get her calmed down, and I think the worst has past-it starts again. You see, it is not enough for me to just cut up the onion, I then have to throw it into boiling liquid. This throws her into an other round of mourning. Untill I suggest that she adopts an apple to replace her lost onion. Fortunatley for me, tonight I made Lasagna and Lauren fell in love with a noddle. I just let her keep it. She is now tucking it into a bed and singing Rock a bye Baby to it. I have never in my life seen someone fall in love and loose that love only to rebound quickly in a matter of ten minutes.

Our Newest Baby Girl!!

Indroducing Radley (and yes, for all of those literary gurus, she is named after the great Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird. My all time favorite book.) She is so cute. She is a Puggle. And thanks to KSL classifieds, we were able to find her for a very very good price. (heres a shout out to the Fox's for having that link on there blog) She is already a part of the family. Lauren doesn't quite know how to handle her. When she is sleeping, Lauren loves her. When she is awake. Lauren is afraid of her. Radley was playing like puppies do and was biting Lauren's hand (not enough to make her cry, just playing). Lauren got mad at her and said "No no Wad-wee, I am not your food. That is my hand."

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Where did all the time go? Has it really been three years since the doctor laid Lauren in my arms and change my whole out look on life forever? To use Chad's words, we are in a freakin' time warp and we might as well be 60 years old. The years are going by way to fast.
I love being a mom. It gives me an excusse to do childish things and not look like "speacial". I think that I had just as much fun at Chuck E Cheese as Lauren, and she didn't stop smiling the whole 4 hours we were there.

This is what four hours at a three year olds birthday does to Chad. I had to remove all sharp objects from the table.

A very Princess Christmas

Every year for Christmas, we spend it with Chad's Dad and Mom #2 in California. This year was no exception. Nothing, not even a hospital stay, was going to keep us away from the orange blossomed sent of Semi Vally. Everytime we visit, we get filled with a sence of nostalga, since it was there that we met,dated, and fell in love. Everywhere we go, we feel at home and get reminded of memories to sweet to forget. I love that every year we get to share that part of our lives with Lauren and Evan. I am sure that Lauren gets tired of hearing "This is where Mommy and Daddy......" However, both Chad and I never tire of telling her our stories. For Christmas this year, all Lauren wanted was everything princess. And boy, did she get it. I love being able to see the magic of christmas play out on the innocess and joy of her face. It makes Christmas even better then when I was her age waiting in anticipation for Santa to come. And I love that we get to share those moments with Mimi and Pop Pop. It wouldn't be christmas without them.